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'Solomon Islands is sovereign country of its own. It gained her Independence from her colonizer, the British on the 7th of July 1978.Before her Independence it was called the "British Solomon Islands Protectorate. This year it celebrated its 29th Independence Anniversary. It was hosted by one of the provinces (Malaita Province - the most populated in the country. Solomon Islands is made up of (6) six main Islands making up 10 Provinces. The ten provinces including Honiara City Council.There are 989 small Islands. Total area of 27,99o square kilometers and then an Ocean area within an exclusive economic zone of 1.34 kilometers.The climate is hot humid.The cyclone seasons are between December and April of a year calendar. The country's population is estimated at 456,800 (1999 census).The growth rate is 2.8%, and the birth rate per annum is 4.9%. Interms of school attendance, 57% of 5-14 year olds attended school. Approximately 80% or 375,000 of Solomon Islanders live in the rural areas which still engage in subsistance, although increasingly influenced by cash economy and a desire to join the cash economy. Urban drift contributed to the recent past period of serious social tension.Talking on the races issue - there are three main races:1.Melanesianwho claims the majority of the country's population; 2. The Polynesian race and 3.The Micronesian race which is the minority. On to the religion aspects, Solomon Islands is a Christian country. The main line Churches are:- Catholic; Seventh Day Adventist Church; United Church; South Seas Evangelical Church. Inclusive are other respected Charismatic Movements. The Language phenominum - 50 different languages which most of them are dialects. English is an official Language.' ' collegues I will continue tomorrow Friday 12th/10/07 see you then.

Ruagide (talk)18:02, 11 October 2007