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Dear Nellie Hi our names are Bruce & Brydie we are writting on behalf of our daughter Tanisha. We are considering purchasing a mobile home and travelling around NZ.Our greatest concern is the continuing education of our daughter Tanisha at the highest standard possible.She has shown an acceptional ability to be self motivated, and has shown us good time management skills. It is only with these qualities to her credit that we are considering what we call correspondece education.(However it looks like that term may now be out of date lol.Not that we think we are that old !!!!!!) Please can you let us know if we are in fact in the right place for this or if not could you please advise us of where to go. She is this year a year 10 (forth form) Student. Thankyou for your time and we look forward to your reply. P.S Man I don't know where you find the time to answer all these emails, I'm impressed. Bruce And Brydie...

Tanisha (talk)17:48, 7 January 2010