Advice needed for solving feeble sound while playing the video.

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Dear Sirs,

         I am a newbie registered for wikieducator EL4C49 workshop. While I started learning the content and on playing the first video under the title "The Purpose of Learning 4 content" at the link

"", sometimes the sound was becoming very feeble.I had sought help from the fellow trainees to solve the problem via my mail dt. 18th January 11.Due to some technical problem my mail was not delivered to anybody as seen from the delivery report.Hence I am seeking help here.Can anybody suggest a solution for this problem Sirs? Regards, Scaria T C

Scariatc (talk)17:40, 1 February 2011


The audio problems you are experiencing sound like a local problem. It may be bandwidth or Internet traffic or a local setting on your machine.

Try again later - -reboot your browser, this could help fix the problem as well.


Mackiwg (talk)18:25, 1 February 2011