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I count myself as a maths teacher rather than a mathematician. I left high school knowing I wanted to be a maths teacher (had know since the 5th form) so took myself off to university to get a B. Sc. in Mathematics. My teaching career started out at Burnside High School in Christchurch. Over the nine years there, I taught every level of class as well as every streaming band. This included both the Applied maths and the Pure maths course. From there I moved to Dunedin to take up a P.R.2 in Mathematics position at Logan Park High School. After four years, the first of the three children arrived and I was lucky enough to be able to to take time out of teaching (9 years) to be with them while they were pre-schoolers. Once the youngest started school, I was back in the classroom working part time at S.H.C.S.

Barbie (talk)14:13, 17 February 2010