A Personal Tribute to the Greatest Teacher

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As the third Sunday in the month of June passes by, one can’t help but ponder on the one central figure of my life. A visionary, guide, a pillar for support and most importantly a teacher. The greatest teacher of my life. This central figure is my father. A person who forever scarified his own needs to further mine and made sure I got the best education possible under the circumstances, something which even he was not able to get. Today I am where I am thanks to him. It’s weird how we get too busy in our own intricacies of life and forget the sacrifices made by our parents so that we get a foothold in life. I still remember the day when getting admission at a regular college was tough thanks to exorbitant fees. But that was barely the problem. Loans were available but my father after seeing the syllabus strictly rejected each and every one of those. The reason: lack of practical training and empty promises. After lot of research we finally zoomed in on Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE). Though I was not much convinced knowing hardly anything about SMU-DE, I went in with his choice after he insisted and the rest as they say is history. The decision changed my life and surely such a thing would have never been possible in a regular college. I took up MBA in the distance learning mode and the ever helpful university counsellors helped to get an internship in a reputed firm. It was a zero pay internship where one had to work for free but my university mentors and counsellors asked me not to worry about the money just yet and give my best shot. Studying at SMU-DE was like knowing a world on its own. EduNxt allowed anytime access with batch mates, industry mentor chats, counselling and online library. As each month passed and I picked up newer skill sets and communication skills I could feel the difference in my internship as well. Completing my first semester at SMU-DE, I got picked up as a permanent employee by the same firm I was doing my internship in. I was pleasantly surprised though my manager wasn’t. In fact he said that it regularly happens as the skill sets taught at SMU-DE directly matches the industry requirements and that is what every employer wants rather than pages of theory. Today, as I have settled in life with a far better job and a bigger paycheque, I miss my father but can only pay tribute to him for making me choose SMU-DE which in fact has given me a better life. It’s the sacrifices that parents make for their kids which in reality stands as testimonies to the amazing nature of humanity. Thank you my father... For more information visit http://www.smudde.edu.in/mba_course/ or www.smude.edu.in or call on 1800 266 7979 (Toll free).

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