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Mohamed is a federal Mountain guide & Trek organizer in Morocco , he is specialized in climbing , hike, cycling, mountain security, sking monitor, he was graduated by FRMSM & CRET

Mohamed was a Tour leader with different Travel Agencies in Morocco and knew all destinations and the high Atlas Mountains, Sahara and the Atlantique coast, he has crossed them several times. He loves his job and still wishing to spend his life discovering the beautiful places, forgotten traditions and Berber hospitality.

As Mohamed was born in a Berber family he is always proud to introduce his own culture to the foreign people whom wants to know the berbers of the North Africa .

WELCOME TO MOROCCO one of the most exotic travel destinations! SOME OF THE MOST GLORIOUS scenery in North Africa is found in Morocco, land of mud-brick casbah towns, medieval medinas, and mythic charms.You will experience Morocco's sensuous beauty in an astonishing variety of environments, from spectacular rock canyons to palm-fringed desert oases and 16th century seaside villages.

One of the highlights is a journey by mules or camel or on foot across the silent, open spaces in altlas mountains and golden dunes of the Sahara. Accompagnied by a Berber guides with many years of experience.

Morocco's evocative imperial cities also provide a visual feast, from Fez, a walled city suspended in a medieval dream, to magical Marrakesh, where the snow-capped High Atlas mountains provide a stunning backdrop.

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