The Mythical World of Hīnātore/ Level 2: The Legend of Rona

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Working on the third sentence task - the water streams that are still frozen are incomplete. Image by Merle Hearns. Kitely build by Aaron Griffiths. CC By

• Does your sentence start with a capital letter?

• Does your sentence end with a full stop?

• Does your sentence have a verb (a doing word, e.g. stopped, shared)?

• It is important to know when to use the articles, a, an, and the.

• You can click on this link to revise the correct use of articles. You will need to know this information for the next level.

Prepositions can tell you where an object is, e.g. near the river.

• A preposition can be used to introduce the object of a verb, e.g. for her child.

• You can click on this link to review information on prepositions.

• Does your verb need to be followed by an object?

• Is there an adjective to modify your noun?

• You can click on this link to review the basic rules for using adjectives.