The Mythical World of Hīnātore/ Level 1: The Legend of Uenuku

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Achieving the first level. Image by Merle Hearns. Kitely build by Aaron Griffiths. CC By

• Does your sentence start with a capital letter?

• Does your sentence end with a full stop?

• Does your sentence have a verb (a doing word, e.g. travelled, believed)?

• If there is still an error, have you checked your spelling? Could it be a word that is frequently confused?

• Click here to get information on identifying word pairs that are frequently misused.

• It is important to know when to use the articles, a, an, and the.

• You can click on this link to revise the correct use of articles. You will need to know this information for the next level.

• For remaining levels, YOU will need to remember to insert your capital letters and full stops. Your sentences will always be incomplete without these features.