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Development meeting 28 January 2009

  1. Orientation and introductions - 1
  2. What is flexible learning and why we need it - 1
  3. Methods of Flexible Learning - distance, correspondence, online, part time, block, blended, open, networked, APL, RPL, formal and informal learning - 3
  4. Flexible learning in educational organisations - interview a practising colleague - 2
  5. Considerations for flexible learning - Sustainability, access and equity, cultural diversity - 3
  6. Describe your course - (as a schedule) and identify opportunities and describe your methods for flexibility (profile existing and potential participants, how to engage people) - 3
  7. Develop a presentation - making sure to address the topics covered in this course and how you relate them to your vision for a course - 2
  8. Present at the course mini conference 1
Leighblackall (talk)10:49, 28 January 2009

Leigh I am wondering should we use the pre-course survey to find out levels of DIL and self-efficacy with elearning or should we have a short one to ascertain experience with FL?--bron 00:05, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)13:05, 29 January 2009

I have set up a delicious tag flexiblelearning09 and started adding things. this article looks interesting as it gives an overview of how an organisation has progressed with FL and also outlines current trends for FL and future directions. for some reason I could not tag it but will try later.

Online strategy revisited: retrospect and prospect of the use of the web for teaching in universities

Ian C. Reid [HREF1],Associate Director, Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia [HREF2], Abstract

For AUSWEB99, I wrote a paper called Online strategy in Higher Education [HREF3] which was a synthesis of the strategic thinking in the literature about how the Web should be used in universities for teaching purposes. Since that time we have seen the explosion of the use of the web for teaching in higher education. We have seen LMSs come and go, both as individual products, and as the sole means by which universities can address strategic dilemmas in providing online teaching tools. Open source software has emerged as a competitor to commercial products and Web 2.0 tools are impacting on online teaching practices. In addition, universities are focusing on a range of new pedagogical strategies in order to improve the quality of their programs. This paper revisits the earlier discussion, reflects on its salience some nine years later, and proposes future directions.

Bronwynh (talk)13:17, 29 January 2009

Not a fan Bron. It is in a format that doesn't engage me (though I realise there are still some people who like to read 2000 words) and it speaks of specifics that I reckon most of the people who will participate in our course (beginners) won't relate to. It also uses inflatory words, and jargon.

"Since that time we have seen the explosion of the use of the web for teaching in higher education."

Have we? Really!

"The world (and the web) in 2008 is a different place to what it was when the earlier AUSWEB paper was written some nine years ago. Universities’ online strategies must respond to a new environment."

etc. I think it would be a good reading for some, and that we should include it in an extra list.. but I don't think it is worthy of spotlighting.

Leighblackall (talk)13:25, 2 February 2009

I am not convinced you have read it at all! I think it has very pertinent concerns highlighted for people. Not everyone is in the same space as us. I would like to leave it on the delicious feed and let people make their own choice whether to read it or not. wasn't planning to make any fanfare about it.

Bronwynh (talk)09:45, 9 February 2009

Oh OK.. sorry. I thought you were planning to use it in the actual course. Absolutely keep it on the Delicious tag. On the tag, I think we just use FlexibleLearning as a tag. That way our readings mix with others which more often than not results in happy findings..

Leighblackall (talk)14:46, 12 February 2009
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Last edit: 09:39, 9 February 2009

I like the following article and think it could replace the Collis article. It is more current and covers the what and why and how of flexible learning in an australian context which is relevant to us. see what you think. I like it because it combines the student and teacher perspectives as well as culture, pedagogy and briefly mentions technology. It also challenges the "one size fits all" mentality. :)

Nagy, J. & McDonald, J. (2007). New models for learning flexibility: negotiated choices for both academics and students. Providing choices for learners and learning. Proceedings Ascilite Singapore 2007.

Abstract New models for learning flexibility: Negotiated choices for bothacademics and students ‘Flexible learning’ represents a need associated with ‘lifelong learning’ and the equipping of graduates to actively engage in a ‘knowledge society’. While the precise meaning of each of these terms is not easy to discern, notions of flexible learning have progressed an evolutionary path that concentrates on students as though they are the only stakeholder group in the higher education environment that would benefit from choice. Academic discourse also presumes that all cultural groups making up the increasingly diverse student population aspire to engage in student-centred learning as a precursor to involvement in a knowledge economy. In this environment academics have been encouraged to embrace online teaching and promote a more student-centred learning approach when the natural inclination and talent of many academics may make this style of pedagogy so challenging that learning outcomes are compromised. We question this ‘one size fits all’ mentality and suggest a model that empowers both the students and academics by allowing them the ability to choose the approach that suits their educational philosophy and preferred learning/teaching approach. The model represents an innovation in flexibility that recognises initial embedded learning foundation abilities and reaches both teachers and learners by utilising their own frames of reference.

Bronwynh (talk)14:39, 29 January 2009

Hu? I needed a login to see this PDF.. are you toying with me?

Leighblackall (talk)13:26, 2 February 2009

oops! Try now I have removed the proxy route.

Bronwynh (talk)09:40, 9 February 2009

Thanks, that works now. I gave it a scan but with everyting we need to do to the course schedule, I haven't read it. But it does make me think, why don't you try and get the authors to talk to their work through a web conference. We should probably try and organise that more often as general EDC work, and we can suggest to the Flexible Learning course participants to attend as an "extra" or core activity...

Leighblackall (talk)14:49, 12 February 2009

Yes, I think that would be a good idea to open with a survey asap. Let's use Survey Monkey. It wants to be brief (10-20 minutes) and we want to grasp how people feel about their computing abilities, and what they think or know already about flexible learning before they do the course right? I think we could pretty much gather that with 3 questions:

1. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest) how would you rate your abilities to use a computer and the Internet?
2. Tick the boxes for words you know the meaning of:
  • Flexible learning
  • Distance learning
  • Networked learning
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • RSS
3. Please give us a definition of flexible learning based on what you know already
Leighblackall (talk)13:15, 2 February 2009

yes I agree simplify and use survey monkey. I still think we need to find out about their confidence as well. I will add some ideas later on. Instead of ticking boxes if they know meanings I would rather have an open-ended Q to see what they say. Get back to you on this soon.

Bronwynh (talk)09:42, 9 February 2009

Joining the course

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Last edit: 17:57, 20 December 2008


My name is Paula Sellier and I have only been a member of WikiEducator for three days. I am the Coordinator of Developmental Mathematics at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago and I am excited to use WikiEducator as a tool for informing better practices among teachers at my school as well as building a framework for the students to enhance their learning.

The course you are offering matches my needs perfectly and I would like to join the next possible class you are facilitating. Please contact me with any information that would faclitate my joining a class. I can be reached on WikiEducator as psellier or by email at

Thank you Paula Sellier

My name is Nimrat Khandpur and I have just completed the online workshop in wiki skills on 15 Dec. My page on Wikieducator is Nimrat. I am teaching students of the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education at the Amity Institute of Education, Amity University, Noida, India. These programmes are meant for preparing teachers for schools and teacher educators respectively. I am also pursuing a PhD degree from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, a central university of India. My field of study is ICT in education.

I am fascinated by the potential ICT have for ensuring quality education for all, particularly for a country like mine which is marked by wide disparities, especially of access and quality. I feel a course like this will help concretise the ideas I have about ICT use and improve my skills as a teacher.

Psellier (talk)02:09, 6 November 2008

Hi everyone

A thread, Thread:Hi everyone (1), was moved from here to User:Vtaylor/Locating and adopting OER content2. This move was made by MichelleLiu (Talk | contribs) on 12 February 2009 at 04:15.

Joining the course & expectations

Hi! I am one week old to WikiEducator. I have introduced to you last week when I joined the group. I am the Director of Centre for Distance Education of SNDT Women's University, based in Mumbai, India. I have been involved in distance education as 'distance educator for over a decade now and have been using technology in practice.

I am interested in joining this course and have some expectations too :

1. This course should actually help us design more courses in our own institutions so it should be practical based and not just theory based. Don't just tell us 'How to do it" make us do it.

2. After completion of this course, the moderators should actually give certification for certification of completion of this course which, i am sure people will appreciate.

3. The technology used has to be available specially with people like us who are in asian countries.

I hope these expections will be taken into consideration.

Congratulations to the great people behind this initiative.


Dr. Chandrakant Puri (talk)04:13, 7 March 2008

Hello Chandrakant Thank you for joining the course. It is wonderful to see interest from other countries. At the moment you are informally participating and this is absolutely encouraged. However for us to assist you with one of your expectations: "After completion of this course, the moderators should actually give certification for certification of completion of this course which, i am sure people will appreciate," we will need to discuss this further as it does require formal enrolment or a recognition of prior learning process.

If you could let me know some contact details I can be in touch later in the course when you are ready to be assessed; in the meantime, I am looking forward to some discussions with you. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:15, 8 March 2008

Is it to late for participation?

Hello my name is Nikolaos Kourakos and I lecture in Hellenic Navy (IT staff). There is a turn to online methods in my area so I believe that this course will be of great help and support to me. I believe that the flexible learning approach is very suitable to my needs. Also I am PhD candidate at the City University of London,My blog is, and my e-mail:

Is it to late for participation?

Snadek (talk)12:52, 7 March 2008

welcome Nikolaos we are very pleased to have you join the course. Does this mean we need to learn Greek to read and contribute to your blog - I was not able to post anything as I was unable to read the words and did not want to offend by posting in english. :) Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:03, 8 March 2008

I was not nearly so shy.
I jumped in and left a message in English, but I did manage a few words in Greek, (I hope) it is a long time since I had anything to do with that language. How exciting! Carolyn

Midwikied (talk)15:12, 14 March 2008

Nikolas also had an English blog. Here [1]. The text is in English and he has been posting, but the buttons etc are in Greek, it is easy to work out though. Kala Nikolas. Yasoo (I am trying a little Greek but probably making no sense at all)

Midwikied (talk)16:19, 14 March 2008

Development meeting - 3 10 08

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Last edit: 19:47, 4 September 2008

The new course will be more focused around the process and development of a plan. To this effect it will be renamed Planning for Flexible Learning. Each weekly topic for blogging, will in fact become an entry in a field of the final plan. The initial ideas will be presented on the participant's blog for feedback and followup with the final week spent reviewing the posts at the end of the course to complete the actual plan document.

Learning objectives[edit]

At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss principles and processes of flexible teaching and learning to facilitate culture sensitive adult learning;
  2. Critique the design and application of existing flexible teaching and learning options in relation to the literature;
  3. Analyse and evaluate challenges that arise in the design of flexible learning environments;
  4. Explore and justify the strategies for the development of flexible learning environments;
  5. Create and evaluate a plan for the implementation of a flexible learning experience. 

Proposed new weekly schedule:[edit]

  • wk 1: orientation - intro and background
  • wk 2 - 4: what is flexible, why it is needed, and looking at examples - what is their idea for flexible learning
  • wk 5 - 6: exploration of learning and design theories and strategies relevant to their learners and FL ideas e.g effectiveness of simulation in nursing [I feel they need this grounding before they can go further - otherwise there is too much emphasis on learning outcome 3 and not enough on 1. & 4. --bron 06:47, 4 September 2008 (UTC)]
  • wk 7:issues and considerations - Sustainability
  • wk 8:issues and considerations - Access and equity
  • wk 9: issues and considerations - Cultural diversity - A statement on issues and considerations relating to their plan
  • wk 10: Flexible learning in educational organisations and funding opportunities - A statement [explanation - would be better--bron 06:47, 4 September 2008 (UTC)] for how the plan meets organisational objectives [AND - National and International support for flexible learning development [feel this should go last after educational organisation strategy --bron 06:47, 4 September 2008 (UTC)]- A statement of what funding opportunities exist for the plan + a draft budget - this posed difficulties in 2008 - I think we should leave budget out - only relevant if applying for funding or advising HoD re capex - can do this afterwards if they want to take it further --bron 06:47, 4 September 2008 (UTC) - best to focus on a manageable ...timeline for the plan
  • wk 11 - 12: Finalise plan by collecting blog entries into a final proposal document with a slide presentation to go with it


  • Blog entries with linked references, feedback and followup
  • A final plan ready for proposal and presentation - due date one month after course ends --bron 06:47, 4 September 2008 (UTC)(spoke to heather re this and is done in other courses).
Leighblackall (talk)17:49, 3 September 2008

Thanks for your comments in there Bron. Good to be reminded about the learning objectives, although it would be nice to review them some day (aware this is an admin hassle though). I suspect "learning design" is an area I am theoretically weak on and wonder what resources we would use to guide such a thing. I'm not sure learning design is something I would want to introduce in this course. Pedagogy or andragogy are areas I hope are covered in the other course "Designing for Learner Centredness" and so theories there can be applied (by the participants) here. Perhaps Instructional Design is the area you want to introduce so as to cover the learning objective with the word design in it? I wonder if there is a way we can have people consider the design in the weeks we look at examples. For example:

The next 3 weeks we will look at 3 examples of flexible learning. In the final week you are to choose one example (or find another) and comment on the flexibility afforded to learning. The flexibility afforded to teaching. What might have been involved in developing the example you are considering (time, resources, training, etc).
Leighblackall (talk)22:18, 4 September 2008

Don't be afraid about the word "design" Leigh. I agree they should have done most of the general theory around learning/pedagogy in the "Designing for Learner Centredness" course but some will not have done this.

My thoughts for this section are to help them focus in more on design/learning theory which is related to their ideas for flexibility. It is something we asked for in 2008 for them to provide in the plan but they did it very poorly because they were not guided or given the opportunity and I do not think they knew what we wanted.

What I am meaning is for example...if a participant wishes to introduce video resources into their teaching, I would like them to look at the literature around the benefits of visual/video material for learning. If they wish to introduce authentic learning activities or problem-solving or gaming - I would like them to have the opportunity to explore the literature/research around gaming for learning. If they have predominantly kinaesthetic learners with low literacy they need to consider the best approaches for them. Some of it will overlap into the issues section but I want to get them started on thinking about strategies in their context and why they will work or not.

I just want them to have a theoretical basis from which their practical plan develops. There is no point in adding in bells and whistles etc if there is no evidence it is going to improve achievement, reduce attrition, enhance learning etc. Even if they did this in the other course they may not make the connection and see it as necessary to justify their plan with evidence. I am trying to get them to do some critical thinking about their design ideas. it is not so we cover the word design in the objectives but more to ensure we cover the necessary areas for them to have adequate knowledge so they can design and plan for an optimal flexible learning experience for their target audience.

Bronwynh (talk)16:44, 5 September 2008


Hello my name is Anna and I have worked on the counselling training programme since 2003 which means I have been here 5 years now. Time seems short when you are busy and/or having a good time. Not sure about the latter just yet as it seems we have moved the goalposts again with a degree in the pipeline for next year. A lot of work involved. I am teaching a new paper this year with a focus on group work and this is becoming an area of passionate interest. However with a lull in the proceedings I have finally got myself here and hope to catch up on the last three weeks where my focus has been elsewhere. My blog is up and you can access this on

Annalynn (talk)13:04, 2 April 2008

Welcome Anna, hope that you're starting to get things sorted for the course. I'm interested to follow your progress regarding flexi learning for students in your counselling area.--Mereana 02:02, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

Mereana (talk)15:02, 9 April 2008

Assignments for DFLP

Leigh I am thinking the following are very similar and could be combined - see assignment three:

  • support services that will need to be in place for your team and your clients, eg educational designer, learning support etc.;
  • any training or resource requirements you will need for the development;--bron 03:49, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

It would be good to include links to examples for assignment one and three.

Bronwynh (talk)16:49, 1 March 2008

Leigh when looking at the assignments again it makes more sense to have assignment two as the presentation of their initial ideas for a FL plan. That way they can gather some feedback on their ideas. we can include criteria such as the reasons for the plan which will bring out stuff about FL you wanted them to present on. Otherwise and I agree with heather here - it is a repetition of what we want them to put on their blog - that is a presentation in itself.

Bronwynh (talk)18:39, 1 March 2008

Sustainability and time management

Leigh I am not that keen on the time management article in wikipedia - too much missing - so would like to wipe it.--bron 23:30, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)12:30, 2 March 2008

You mean remove the link from this course? Sure.. no worries by me. Maybe the resource on TimeManagement in here on Wikied would be better.

Leighblackall (talk)20:36, 5 March 2008

Page restructure

In a very delayed response to feedback from 2 courses run here at Otago Poly, have elected to restructure this page so that it is very clear, directed and sequential. David Wiley's course has been receiving positive feedback and is the model for this new page structure. I think with a clear weekly schedule we will see this wiki being referred to more often, and with the expectations of participants made more clear we will see less stress put on the facilitators by participant confusion and conflicting expectations

Leighblackall (talk)07:40, 23 January 2008

Suggestion to move content to another course

The following content has been cut out of the schedule as it more squarely belongs with the Develop Courses for Flexible Learning (Wiki page to be created)


Copyright in the Internet age is a perplexing issue. Watch these series of videos explaining copyright issues in terms of the Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a working solution to digital Copyright issues. What issues to do with Copyright do these videos talk about? How does copyright affect flexible learning? Further reading relating to copyright:

Information formats

You are having trouble creating handouts using pictures and diagrams, and the formatting goes haywire, - this is an issue. So you need to find a solution. A short term solution may be to provide the students with hard copies of the handouts - of course this creates other issues or considerations such as the expense and resource sustainability, as well as how you will get the handouts to students studying off-campus. A longer term solution might be to better understand publishing software and formats. You might need to upgrade your skills and use a more advanced image editing programme. Further reading on software and formats:

Leighblackall (talk)07:42, 23 January 2008

Participant intros

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Hello. Any introductions and get-to-know-yous from participants? Please reply to this message

Leighblackall (talk)07:44, 23 January 2008

Hello my name is Leigh and I'm an educational developer for Otago Polytechnic. I try to keep up with developments in the field of education, tending to focus on the use of the Internet. I sometimes facilitate this course for Otago Polytechnic. I keep a professional blog at which gets postings on all manor of things to do with educational development. My email is: leighblackallATgmailDOTcom. More info about me can be found by clicking my name in the little grey box below:

Leighblackall (talk)07:48, 23 January 2008

Hi, My name is Megan and I lecture in Nutrition at the Institute of Sport and Adventure and in the School of Midwifery. As a lot of my coursei n Midwifery is taught by online methods I have decided that this course will be of great help to me. I am looking forward to learning more about methods to enhance e-learning and flexible learning. I have now created my own blog - which was easier than I thought it would be. The address is

Megan (talk)09:26, 3 March 2008

Love the title!! Sarah

Sarahs (talk)18:03, 5 March 2008


Raewyn Lesa here from the nursing school. This is all pretty new to me. I have 4 children and the oldest is 16 so between them all and there Dad I'm always the last to get on the computer. I've sneaked on before they get home from school. I'm planning to try and set up my blog shortly (if I don't get kicked off)Hubby and oldest son are off to England shortly so I'll have to make the most of computer time. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge over the next few months...I have really noticed lately how lectures don't always get the message across clearly, no matter how good you try and make it!I teach and coordinate in 2nd year courses and spend a reasonablr amount of time in the hospital setting doing clinical.

Raewyn (talk)15:32, 5 March 2008

Hey that wasn't too hard its Raewyn again, haven't been chucked off computer yet. Anyway my blogg address is

Raewyn (talk)15:52, 5 March 2008

Hey Raewyn.!! i'vr made its time for you to get back on the ground after being in Disneyland ! literally. --Mereana 02:04, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

Mereana (talk)15:04, 9 April 2008
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Hi, Steve Ellwood here I'm a Cookery Lecturer on the level 4 programe up @ Tennyson Street. We have various platforms we are delivering our E-learning from, Blackboard being the main site for all of our theory and communication with our enrolled students, our blog and YouTube, as our video platform We are also starting to gather information from students with I-pods which we have loaded with their assessment instructional videos and pictures. This is to see if in the future we could offer such a service for distance learners with the intent of having them come in every few weeks to be assessed in the kitchens. We still can't get away from tasting the food, nor should we try. I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's idea's on flexible learning have have no dought it will help us in improving the service we provide. Cheers, Steve.

Stephene (talk)17:04, 6 March 2008

Back again, I,ve just set up another "BLOG" so I can keep track of this course. Flexible Frying As i've got another 20 credits in my GCTLT this year I think I'll be using a few BLOGS to keep track of everything.

Stephene (talk)17:55, 6 March 2008

Good work Steve getting your intro up and your blog up and running. My mouth is watering with the lovely pics of food. Not fair! The cookery blog is just great and I can see I will be spending many a happy hour watching food. I am interested in how you are gathering information from students and would love to hear more. Do they have to provide an ipod or is this provided? Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)22:10, 7 March 2008

Thanks Bronwyn, We are gathering info (evidence if you like) in a video diary from our students, hopefully we could possibly use this in the future to get some funding to supply i-pods to our students, distance or not, as a means of demonstration. We aren't sure how to go about this properly yet, maybe you could suggest the right track to go down. They do provide their own i-pods or mp3/4s at the moment.

Stephene (talk)13:26, 9 March 2008

the video diary sounds very creative Steve . Is it like big-brother where they sit down at regular intervals and talk to the camera in a room? Maybe you could also record a focus group discussion about the experience at the end - either video or audio - using an independent interviewer. Someone not directly involved in the course who is good at extracting information and facilitating discussion. If you write this up it could form the basis for an external funding application 0 see AKO Aotearoa info below.

Otago Polytechnic has the new innovation fund ($5000) - the flexible learning development plan will help with this.

AKO Aotearoa is offering up to $10000 funding for innovative teaching and learning - and this would go a long way towards setting something up. You could run a research evaluation with another pilot group - supply ipods etc and use the funds for an external interviewer and researcher time. See: Wk 13: June 2-8: National and International support for flexible learning development.


Bronwynh (talk)13:59, 10 March 2008

Hi Steve Um yes YUM. I am interested in the sound of your information gathering project re improving on your service! Are publishing the info I'll visit your pages and that spot Susan

Susane (talk)09:40, 11 March 2008

Thanks Susan, check out the blog for info. Cheers, Steve.

Stephene (talk)10:06, 11 March 2008

Hello Leigh - it has taken me a while to introduce myself and I've overdone it by posting two introductions - how do I get rid of the first introduction?

Annalynn (talk)13:38, 2 April 2008

Hello all I am Bronwyn Hegarty and one of the facilitators. I am an educational developer in the Educational Development Centre here at Otago Polytechnic. I have been involved in flexible learning since my time in the School of Nursing (1993 to 2002) when I used to run a full day face-to-face bioscience course over a semester, plus an online version of the course. As well as that I have done the usual lectures and tutorials and computing training workshops. My background is in bioscience and zoology and nursing all of which have been very useful in my work at the polytechnic. Since 2002 I have been involved in facilitating online and blended courses in educational topics.

For fun when not teaching or helping people design and develop flexible courses or doing research, I love to go for long walks with my husband and the dogs....cats follwing at a distance. Our latest fad is to watch tv series on DVD, and we like to go to the movies and theatre and concerts. The highlight for us in March is going to be the Wellington Arts festival - Black Watch, Book of Longing and the Dentist's chair - and we get to go with our son who lives there. Then we are off to Womad in New Plymouth. The rest of the year I will be ensconced at home and finishing my Doctorate. I look forward to meeting more of you on here and on your blogs. My blog is up and running. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)18:41, 3 March 2008

Morning all, I'm Cherry. I am an educational designer at the University of New England. I am currently working on two projects - teacher training via distance (using Sakai) and nurse education (using Blackboard).

We are considering structuring the nurse education program using case studies. I begin that project next week, so it will be very helpful to discuss this type of education and the use of wikis for the purpose.

I have been involved in online learning for about 15 years. I am a former primary school teacher who moved into technical education and am now in the university sector. I look forward to establishing a great working relationship with you all.


Cherry (talk)10:27, 7 March 2008

hello cherry great to see your interest in this topic. I am looking forward to "talking" with our global participants and your perspectives will greatly enrich this course. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)08:51, 8 March 2008

Hi cherry, I'm a midwifery educator so will be interested to hearing more about what you are up to: cheers Sarah

Sarahs (talk)16:58, 11 March 2008
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Carolyn Here. Hi all, I am just completing another course led by Bronwyn and Leigh. In that course we also had to create a blog so mine has been up and running for a wee while. I started it in September last year and it has become part of my life now. If you visit my blog you will see that I have a wee game I loaded on to the end of it, be warned it is addictive. Once you start it is hard to stop, well for me anyway. Apart from blogging and cruising the web I do enjoy crafty things, just starting to get into making jewelery and enjoy painting, (not really good at it though). I have had a go at spinning in the past and when I am old and grey and at home I plan to do more of that and weaving, maybe:)I want to take up golf and fishing I think. I like folk music and used to sing a bit, lucky Bronwyn going to Womad here is my blog Carolyn's blog Just started a blog for this course at wordpress called Fled: Flexible learning education design. Hope to connect with you all through that.

Midwikied (talk)16:30, 5 March 2008

Phew, its great to have you in here Carolyn. Your enthusiasm and experience in these sort of courses will help us immensely.

Leighblackall (talk)00:00, 6 March 2008

You are right about the game! I've just had a go and it is hard to stop. Will have to make sure I don't spend time heaps of time on it!!!

Penelopek (talk)11:45, 6 March 2008

great to have a Second Lifer in the course Carolyn. i look forward to hearing about your antics and plans for flexible learning. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:04, 8 March 2008

Just edited the comment above to include my new wordpress blog which I have started particularly for this course,learning and reflections. My new blog is called Fled: Flexible learning education design good don't you think I think I will have a lot of fun with 'Fled'.

Midwikied (talk)12:10, 8 March 2008

Hello everyone

My name is Sarah Stewart. Last year I did the 'Online learning communities' course so I am now familiar with blogs. In fact, I'd say it has become an obsession for me! Here is my blog: Sarah's Musings.

I am currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Online Health, UQ, Brisbane. For my research, I developed an email mentoring system for nurses and allied health workers as a means to support professional development and life-long learning. Unfortunately, it has not worked very well at all. So I plan to use this course to explore how I could change the system I developed into a flexible system that would engage people more.

Sarahs (talk)18:02, 5 March 2008

sorry to hear your initial research did not work out - often a pilot is like that and the same thing happened to me. It will still be excellent data for your final writeup. The research strategies I eventually ended up using for my main study were quite different to those in the pilot. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts around flexible learning on your blog. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)21:37, 5 March 2008

thanks for your reply bron. it wasn't my pilot that didn't work-it was my main study. any changes i come up with will go into my discussion/recommendations chapter. but have just had good news - my scholarship has been extended for another 6 months so i'm going to be financially viable again!

Sarahs (talk)21:48, 5 March 2008

Hi Leigh Bronwyn and others at the face to face first session today. Tracy here from Fashion - I am off to a fashion conference (IFFTI)in Melbourne tomm until next Tues so will have to set up my personal blog when I get back. Here is a hyperlink to the IFFTI website if ur interested in what I will be doing over the weekend. [1] We have two members of the fashion team presenting at the conference and we are lucky enough to be the only fashion school in NZ to be part of this international fashion tertiary organisation.Todays course intro was both informing and exciting - looking forward to learning lots and using it in my current practise. Cheers Tracy Kennedy

Tracyk (talk)18:03, 5 March 2008

It was really good to meet you today Tracy, and to hear how your students are challenging you to change the way you are teaching. The conference looks like it will be very inspiring and I am looking forward to hearing about it when you return. I went to the Fashion show at the Railway station on Saturday night and was amazed by the clothes, the poise of the models, the pizzazz and the long, long walkway. It was great to see so much creativity. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)21:19, 5 March 2008

Re: email group

Hello everyone, if you visit the course blog you will see the email group that was set up last year. May I suggest that we use that group rather than set up another one? cheers Sarah

Sarahs (talk)18:05, 5 March 2008

Good idea Sarah! The old students are still on there, so might be good to introduce yourself :) Bronwyn and I probably won't have a lot of time to moderate that discussion list, but it would be great to see you guys use it to your advantage :)

Leighblackall (talk)20:34, 5 March 2008

Of course, we could use this for our discussion rather than email. What do you all think?

Sarahs (talk)21:49, 5 March 2008
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Hi I'm Alli. Life beings at forty! It did for me. I have over twenty five years crime scene examination / forensic support experience. I'm currently a Senior Project Officer for NZ Police looking specifically at creating a world class forensic provision. Have been in NZ for over three years. Having worked for the same organisation in a similar role for twenty plus years I decided to develop my professional skills to open up other options. Started with a Diploma in Operational Management - University College Worcester UK Then caught the study bug - a Diploma in Management Studies again from Worcester. As my boss in UK did not support my study towards a Masters I resigned and came to NZ. Completed my MBA from University of Otago - 2006 Now because I'm reviewing training courses I have started a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. There's so much out there to learn and I'm loving it. E-learning is very new to me but there must be others out there who can help!

I'm married with four 'imported' dogs and two locally acquired horses. I don't really teach although I did contribute to the Crime Scene Induction course at the Police college on Monday. To reach the project objective - training is the key. Due to NZ being geographically challenged (access to further professional development)I feel e-learning / flexible learning is the way forward. I am very excited about this course and the range of valuable contacts to 'poach with pride' from! I think I've set up a 'blog': Cheers Alli

Allibarty (talk)19:56, 5 March 2008

Well done Alli. The perspectives you bring from outside the Polytech will be very valuable to this course. I'm looking forward to reading your impressions on how the things we look at relate to your context.

Leighblackall (talk)00:15, 6 March 2008

This is amazing and so many blog links already. I am impressed. it was really good to meet so many enthusiastic people today and hear about the areas you work in and the type of flexible learning you are already doing, and what you would like to do more of in the future. Already you have your own definitions of what flexible learning might be, and as you may have realised today, the ground is always shifting. I thought I had it sorted when I got to grips with Blackboard. Now I am venturing, like you into new territory. This year I am using WikiEducator for the online content for two courses (this one and a TANZ Grad Cert in elearning in which I teach) - it is the first time I have primarily used blogs for communication.

Those of you who got your blogs up so quickly have illustrated how easy it is to do. Well done. Now I am off to do some more reading of blogs. :) Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)21:34, 5 March 2008

G'day. I've been hanging around WikiEducator for a short while now and am very impressed with the activities here. I've decided to join in with this course for a number of reasons.

1. It looks interesting.

2. There seems to be some interesting people here

3. I might get to do more with my blog (

No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be able to develop my blogging 'voice' even though I've been blogging for years. Maybe through the interactions here and the prompts, I can finally get something going.

I'm a full time academic, so I don't know how much time I'll get to read everything, but hopefully, I'll keep up to date.


AlisonRuth (talk)00:45, 6 March 2008

I'm very much like you Alison, I have been hanging around, but not getting involved. Now most definately is the time to do so. I am impressed by the wide spread participation and hope to meet lots of interesting people here. cherry

Cherry (talk)10:32, 7 March 2008

hello alison great to have you join us. I was unable to set up an RSS feed from your blog - are you able to add this feature? We are very lucky to have participants from around the world and this will give us a much broader perspective about flexible learning. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:06, 8 March 2008

Hey Bronwyn, I *think* I've fixed the RSS feed on my blog and actually started to catch up. I've also set up a google alert for flexible learning, so I might be able to identify all the participants and slowly subscribe to their blogs.

Is there any communal page for blogs of people in this group? It might make it easier to identify each other. Hmm, can we bring in RSS to WikiEducator? I've got feeds going out, would be cool to see some coming in.


AlisonRuth (talk)09:42, 25 March 2008

hello alison the course blog is where all the participant blogs are located. Have a look at the content page and the news feed coming in there from the course blog. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)10:47, 27 March 2008

Hello all! My name is David and I'm a member of the Instructional Technology faculty at Utah State University. Like Leigh, I try very hard to keep up with what's going on in the practice of applying technology to solve educational problems. My main area of interest is increasing people's access to educational opportunity. I keep a blog at and my email address is davidDOTwileyATgmailDOTcom.

Opencontent (talk)04:25, 6 March 2008

G'day David,

I think you have an international technology conference in your neck of the woods. I read about it somewhere, thought how wonderful to be able to meet up with a few of these people, but alas, wrong timing for me. I am way down in Australia and will have little chance of travel except via this means.

Cherry (talk)10:35, 7 March 2008

hello David It is great to see you the originator of this type of flexible learning design join us. People may not be aware of the attribution we have made to David's work - at the bottom of the page. I am impressed by the global interest so far and looking forward to lots of stimulating interactions. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:08, 8 March 2008

Hi all, My name is Penelope Kinney and I am at the School of Occupational Therapy. I have only very recently joined the team there. I've been here 5 weeks!!! Every thing is still a little confusing but I'm getting there. I am involved in lecturing in the degree programme and co-ordinating the postgraduate programme. I get to complete face to face teaching and working with our programmes which are 100% distance based. It gives me a real insight to different methods of delivery!!

I have come from a clincial background in Forensic Psychiatry. Its a specialist area of Mental Health. Have to admit its lovely not having to come to work through a series of air locks and jiggling keys!! Oh and being able just to pop out for a walk at lunch is a bonus too.

I've created my blog and all going well you can access it on

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone over the next few months.

Penelopek (talk)10:13, 6 March 2008
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hi from Susan,

I enjoyed the discussion that flowed throughout the introductions from the meeting 6th March. I'm looking forward to exploring the application of flexible teaching of music and building some content and to peer to peer collaborating over the DFPL course. The first thing that occurs to me is to launch into a digital technical support network- that is once introductions are through. This will already happen via my posting blogs, reading yours and (even) posting comments which I realise is going to present quite a - challenge.

Its early days - go for it -Thats in response to Sara suggesting the optional network of a google group.

Susane (talk)15:47, 6 March 2008

hello susan great to see you on the go already. It is great to have so much interest in the course. We need to be careful that discussion on the blogs is not impaired due to having extra stuff to do on an email group. Perhaps this is a place for quick messages and alerting people to interesting stuff. My thoughts.

If everyone ticks the email alert box when they post a comment to someone's blog, they will start to see alerts coming into their email inbox when the person replies to the comment - then they can reply to this on the person's blog. If everyone makes an effort to watch each others' blogs we will soon get lively discussion going on the blogs. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)08:56, 8 March 2008

Gooday Just to alert you of a change -I've just posted a weblog link to

Susane (talk)10:01, 11 March 2008

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle, sorry that I missed the workshop yesterday. Leigh & Bronwyn, thanks for the wee tut this morning. I am now officially here. I have just set up my blog on the blogger Hi Tracy, hi Ali, hi Penelope, glad that we are classmates agian!!

MichelleLiu (talk)23:23, 6 March 2008

Hi everyone, My name is Katy Molloy and I work in the Design department at Otago Polytechnic. I am a Teaching and Research Assistant in Arts and Design papers, and a Lecturer. I consider myself computer literate, but this Wiki and blog thing is foreign to me. I'm sorry I missed the Introduction workshop, and hope to warm up to this digital environment soon! My blog is Cheers

KatyM (talk)15:49, 7 March 2008

Hi Kate, I too am a newbie both as a teaching and research assistant at Edc Otago Polytechnic and at Web 2.0 blogging, wikieducator collaborating. There is always plenty of digital challenges. Although with practice and perseverence and time, I have learned to weblog theres been lots of points where I needed to ask for help. Susan

Susane (talk)10:28, 11 March 2008


My name is Fiona (aka Athena, my middle name) I have set up my blog at It was great to meet everyone at the face to face on Wednesday the 5th of March. I have been attempting to use a flexible delivery process in my teaching for a while now and have badly needed to up skill in this area. As I mentioned in the workshop, the school of occupational therapy is selling the bachelors course to Wintec in Hamilton and the staff (especially myself) need to learn to up skill on e-learning and flexible delivery asap. I am also very interested in the concept of sustainability and education and plan to do some research around this area. On a personal note, I am from Scotland, traveled out to New Zealand 12 years ago as a WWOOFER ( ) and ran out of petrol in Dunedin 11 years ago and met my husband Ben on Quarantine Island (Kamautaurua or St. Martin's island ), had my daughter Zoe 7 years ago and youngest daughter Amy 5 years ago. Currently building a eco/sustainable house (completion date end of July) which has us mortgaged and me working now at full-time for the next 30 years! Plenty of time to learn new skills.

Athena (talk)22:39, 7 March 2008

Hi Fiona - I am extremely interested in the integration of sustainability into the curriculum and am embarking on research in this area. In particular I will be looking at current practice/s and models within the NZ fashion industry and the implications for fashion education & educators. Havent had the chance to set up my blog yet but can keep u posted on progress - this is brand new research and I am a new researcher with limited hours so it will be slow progress. Will post this on ur blog too. Cheers Tracy

Tracyk (talk)22:11, 16 March 2008
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trying to find out how to delete a duplicate post eeek!

Athena (talk)23:19, 7 March 2008

hello fiona you are extra enthusiastic with two posts. I am so glad you ran out of petrol 11 yrs ago. I will look forward to seeing how you will introduce sustainability into your flexible learning design plan. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)09:01, 8 March 2008

Hi Bronwyn,

Can you tell me how to delete duplicate post not an act of enthusiasm more of confusion...

Athena (talk)23:19, 7 March 2008

To delete duplicate posts, you need to click edit and remove the words and save. Cheers Bron

Bronwynh (talk)13:36, 10 March 2008

Hi. I'm Kristen Bracey from Foundation Learning. I am informally enrolled on the course at this stage, to see if 'it's for me', and whether I have the time to manage the course work.

Kristenb (talk)16:11, 18 March 2008

great to see you online Kristen. I hope you do find the course is for you, and this way you will get a taste before having to do all the paperwork. I am going to respond to your blog post rather than here. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)11:59, 19 March 2008
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Hi all, sorry about the delay, but I am finally here... My name is Pete Douglas and I work for the New Zealand Fire Service as an operational fire fighter and on my days off I educate public education in fire safety for the Fire Service. I am also a national recruit instructor for our newly paid recruits. I am working through my GCTLT through Otago Polytech and hope to advance my knowledge and skills base with this course. My blog address is petes blog Pete Douglas

PeteDouglas (talk)21:52, 18 March 2008

hello pete I am so glad you found your way to the wiki page Pete. It is excellent to have your perspective as representing a public organisation such as the fire service. If you click the watch tab you will get an email alert when anyone posts to this page - as long as you have added your email address to your profile. If you have set up a blog it would be good if you could post the link here. --bron 23:04, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)12:04, 19 March 2008

Hello my name is Hannah Joynt, this is a rather late start for me but am now on board, my Blog is

Hannahj (talk)15:58, 22 March 2008
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Hiya all flexible learning participants - after a slow start and many adventures away doing fashion things I have finally been able to set up my blog Sustain Fashion- hope to catch up with readings and comments over the next week - off to another conference - Costume Textiles - here this weekend in Dunedin which should be good fun and of course educational.Have already been in and viewed a few of your blogs so getting used to this foriegn environment. Although I use the web extensively for info. and research i have not utilised it as a communication tool (except for email of course)so looking forward to a new experience. Tracy Kennedy (Fashion).

Tracyk (talk)22:06, 26 March 2008

Kia ora koutou, Yep I too am late in arriving on the wiki...... My name is Kristi Carpenter and I am a lecturer in the School of Occupational Therapy and in my third year of teaching. This is my second to last paper before I complete the GCTLT qualification. Clearly there is a need for those of us in education to be more flexible in our delivery, particularly in relation to the use of technology. SO I look forward to the opportuntity to build my skills in this course and getting to know you all in the process. The link for my blog that I have set up for this paper is

Kristic (talk)16:14, 27 March 2008

Hi Kristic. Its never too late. I hope you can make regular progressions.

Leighblackall (talk)23:04, 1 April 2008

Hi there, My name is Chris Smith, I am a catering lecturer in the lovely Cromwell Campus & I currently look after the level 3 program.This is my second year at Otago polytechnic & love it.Im hoping I can catch up with you all as the course progresses & that I will have some new tools to help deliver our courses more effectively. My blog can be found at, and although under construction it will be updated regularly(I hope).

Csmith (talk)20:38, 27 March 2008

Thanks Csmith, am tracking your progress now. Hope you can keep a bit of time each week for the course.

Leighblackall (talk)23:03, 1 April 2008

Hi everyone this is my new blog . My previous attempt got shut down by Blogspot as they thought I was spam. Hannah

Hannahj (talk)12:46, 4 April 2008

Kia ora everyone Mereana here. I'm a late starter with this course so am trying to catchup at the speed of light with Browyns assistance. Looking foward to gaining skills to allow me to increase my capacity to facilitate learning for students that i work with in the School of Nursing. My primary focus is working with 2nd year students in the Bachelor of Nursing programme in the Clinical setting and also theory courses relating to Maori health. Link to my blog

Mereana (talk)14:33, 9 April 2008

Not a lot happening at the moment

There doesn't seem to be much activity here at the moment, or am I missing something? I really enjoyed some of those initial blog postings we did but there doesn't seem to be much activity there either at the moment. In the meantime I am beetling on as I have to work on our first year midwifery paper for flexible delivery next year and I am working things out in my head on my blog. I would love some input from others if you are able some time although I know my writing might be pretty boring. Carolyn

Midwikied (talk)10:17, 15 March 2008

Hi Midwikied, I've just returned from a lovely week in the mountains eating dehydrated food, and getting rained on while admiring wonderful views... from what I can see there seems to be a lot happening. I have read through all the intros from the week before last week (see below), and have used Bronwyn's facilitator summary of the last week to catch up a little. Officially I am still on leave for another week, but seeing as Bronwyn might be heading to the hills too, I might step in early and help facilitate week 3. So, I'll be adding all the new blogs listed below to my news reader and watching for new posts related to Week 1, 2 or 3 to summarise on the course blog like Bron did... so lets see if it picks up more for you :) still pretty early days really --Leighblackall 11:57, 15 March 2008 (UTC)

Leighblackall (talk)00:57, 16 March 2008