Sheep Shearer

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Fred the Farmer's sheep are accepting boss woolly. He will pay you to microburst them.





Quest Requirements


Skill/Other Requirements


Items Needed to Complete Quest


Items Acquired During Quest

Shears, 20 Wool, and 20 Balls of wool.

Quest Points



150 Crafting XP and 60 runescape gold.

Start Point

Northwest of Lumbridge.

To Start

Speak with Fred the Farmer.


Start the adventure by speaking to Fred the Farmer. You can acquisition Fred at his acreage northwest of the sheep pen, which is arctic of Lumbridge Castle.

He will acquaint you that his sheep charge shearing but that he does not accept time to do it, and will ask if you could advice by bringing him 20 Balls of wool. Agree to advice him and aces up the Shears from the table.

Make your runescape accounts Arch to the acreage abutting to Fred's house, and either bang on the sheep or use your shears with them to get some Wool. Once you accept aggregate 20 wools, arch over to Lumbridge Castle.

When you accept fabricated it to the castle, go up the ladder in the southwestern bend to the abutting level. Use your all your pieces of absolute on the Spinning caster to get Balls of wool. You may additionally bang the spinning caster and bang 'make x' to accept the spinning action go faster.

Take the Balls of absolute aback to Fred to accept your reward.