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Auala Fesootai Centre is situated in Savaii and run by the village Women's Committee.

This telecentre is equipped with the following equipments and services:

5 computers 1 photocopier 1 printer 1 TV scanner webcam data projector 3mm screen internet access fax

Tautau is in charge of managing the centre and you can contact them at:

This is a very popular telecentre because a lot of tourists who stay at Vaisala Hotel use this centre for emails and sending faxes back home. This is the only centre in Savaii with great internet speed.

The primary school there photocopied all their exam papers now from the centre.

We find very interesting comments from the women themselves as they excitedly told us that this was the first time they have seen pictures of their grandchildren when they send them through emails.

At first, the women were scared to touch the keys as all of them have never seen a computer before. Now they are gradually getting used to it and some of them are finding it very exciting to type their names or write a letter to their children overseas using the computers.