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The PD plan for 2011 has several 'streams' that combine to implement the vision of the original SCD PD contract - enabling collaborative, personalised learning.

PD for Principals and school leaders

We will organise at least 2 'events' during 2011 which will consist of a keynote speaker or two, presentations by our core group of teachers followed by an open forum for principals.  This could be an opportunity to involve Primary principals in the cluster.

? Niki wonders if it would be possible to overlap this event with one of the teacher events below, so as to add a 'live' Showcase from the teacher event into even for the principals and school leaders.

Scott McLeod, Canterbury Fellow visiting Niki only for term 1 is prepared to provide a keynote and having a date set for that would be helpful. (So far Scott is booked for a CORE breakfast in Christchurch on 15th Feb and a Spotlight in Learning@School in Rotorua in late Feb. Here is a link to his TEDX talk:

PD for our core group of teacher leaders

This group will have the following PD - all fully funded by the SCD cluster:

  • a 2 day meeting on the West Coast during Term One

(although Niki is in USA around time of Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika, Scott McLeod could potentially replace/add input and also address principals etc)

  • a 2 day meeting in Christchurch during Term Four
  • 4 other days paid relief (plus transport) to use as required during the year
  • 10 teachers (approx) to attend ULearn Conference, September 2011

The purpose of these PD days is to further develop the professional skills gained during 2010

PD for existing and emerging Communities of Practice (CoP's)

Note the funding for this is 1:1 cluster to school funding.  For every dollar that the cluster contributes, participating schools will contribute a dollar.

SCD will fund CoP's to meet, develop and produce materials to enable the vision of the SCD to be realised across a wide group of schools and participating teachers.

  • SCD will fund a maximum of nine CoP's the sum of $3000 to be used for relief purposes
  • Schools will contribute an equal amount to this project on a user pays basis
  • SCD will develop criteria to ensure the CoP's are able to meet the vision of the SCD
  • CoP's will have to bid for the PD money by means of a short application