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1. Give an overview of your experience in this online training.

At the very outset it was quite difficult for me. Because, I didn’t like to use gmail. So, some time I sent a letter to a participant, but it went to the google group. But after four five days, with the help of the online facilitator and other participants (especially Dr. Dilip Barad) I have overcome the problems. I learnt a lot from this workshop. I think this is the best way to organize any workshop, because always it is not possible to arrange leaves and also expenses. I think this is the best workshop on SLM preparation and on distance learning among the workshops I have attended earlier.

2. List three things that you liked best during this online training. a) The methodology and the maintenance of the continuity are really great. b) Wiki educator and the editing in wiki c) Dr. Sanjay Mishra, the online facilitator and his unremitting effort. 3. List three things you disliked during this online training. I found nothing to dislike.

4. List the content areas (if any) that you think need further discussion. I found it very helpful.

5. List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training. It was very much comprehensive.

6.Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training. No. Please inform me. I shall be happy to attend another online courses/ training programmes..

Thanking you

Ankuran Dutta