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Welcome to this project home page, begun July 2010 to share links, training resources, and discussion questions related to the new RDA cataloging code.

Our eventual goal is to learn to use RDA to create and maintain metadata for serials. But because we were completely new to the code, the initial sessions were general. We are indebted to

  1. Dr. Barbara Tillett and Judith Kuhagen for the superb Webinars and training materials at the Library of Congress site; both the
  2. Renette Davis and Christopher Cronin for sharing the excellent resources and training strategies developed at University of Chicago
  3. Dr. Shawn Miksa for maintaining her useful, timely, and user-friendly collector page for RDA

What We Learned, Examples (Please Correct!), Questions

  1. Outline of Notes from Webinars (organized & outlined by Rhonda Super)
  2. Examples
  3. Forms: Workform for Bibliographical records
  4. Questions


Session 1: Dipping a Toe

  1. Date: July 7, 2010
  2. Agenda:
    • Decide: What we want to get out of the Study Group?
    • Compare calendars
    • Get a first view of the RDA Toolkit: What does the RDA Toolkit look like?
  3. Resources:RDA Toolkit, Outline of LC Webinars (with times), list of OCLC records coded as RDA
  4. Activities:
    • Discussion: What do you want out of this Study Group?
    • Sign into RDA Toolkit together; try navigation bar
    • Look at printouts of OCLC records; discuss obvious differences between AACR2/CSR records and these records
  5. Food & Entertainment: paper clips in unusual shapes

Session 2: Begin Climbing the Stairs

  1. Date: July 14, 2010
  2. Agenda:
    • Round robin: FRBR/RDA-related thoughts &activities for the week?
    • Discuss FRBR concepts: work, expression, manifestation, item. (as presented in Webinar)
    • Exercise: Wall Street journal records from Voyager: How to organize by FRBR categories?
  3. Resources: Outline of Webinar (Rhonda Super)
  4. Food & Entertainment:Chocolate, cookies

Session 3: Higher...

  1. Date: July 21, 2010
  2. Agenda:
    • Round robin: Comments or questions about the sessions we reviewed (Webinars 1 and 2)?
    • Quiz: Discuss the quiz questions from Webinar no. 2
  3. Handouts: Train-the-trainer handouts from LC Web site; revised JSC examples of RDA bibliographic & authority records; Re-copied questions from Webinar; Summary of Webinar (Rhonda Super)
  4. Food & Entertainment:Specialty cheese and wafer crackers

Session 4: Higher...

  1. Date: July 28, 2010
  2. Agenda:
    • Round robin: Comments or questions about the sessions we reviewed?
    • Review: Quiz about Publication, Distribution, etc. Statement
    • RDA Toolkit: Take bib example from Train-the-Trainer exercise; navigate Web site
  3. Handouts: Handouts: Tables for Content-Media-Carrier; RDA Test Training Exercise & Training Exercise Answers; RDA Publication Training Exercise & Training Exercise Answers; RDA Content-Media-Carrier Training Exercise & Training Exercise Answers
  4. Food & Entertainment: Fresh lavash sesame cracker bread with mozzarella cheese and home grown dill, cucumber, and tomatoes.

Session 5: Almost Ready to Dive...

  1. Date: August3, 2010
  2. Agenda:
    • Round robin:

  3. Resources:
  4. Activities:
  5. Food & Entertainment:

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