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     III.Overview and Description of the Problem: (from literature review) There is an increasing Hispanic population in California; many of these people come from Mexico or  from other central and south American countries.  Their ability to speak English is limited at times and when they are hospitalized this impacts their ability to fully participate. Oftentimes, these are men who are far from family, especially female family members who traditionally provide and manage healthcare needs. There are cultural and language issues to be understood and addressed to allow these hospitalized patients full access to understand and fully participate in their own healthcare. This is an ethical and moral issue as well as a regulatory and licensing issue.
         o Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory
         o Madeleine Leininger, Culture Care Theory
     V.Background Information:  (from literature review, too)
              1. description of rationale as to why this is a problem
              2. facts and statistics (how referenced ??) which w/ be interesting/descriptive
              3. JCAHO standards
              4. Healthy People 2010 re: increasing access
              5. from lit rev/why this nursing intervention of assessing and referring for language assist
                 is often not done and why it is vital to good patient care
              6. brief description of what has been done in some settings   ?? need for this
           VI.Learner Self Assessment Tool:  Three Questions
              1. Have you ever tried to speak with a patient who seemed not to fully understand English but then 
                 thought you could “get by” with simple words and gestures.
              2. Have you ever used a family member to translate for a patient who spoke no English, maybe 
                 this was a minor child?
              3. Have you ever cared for a patient who when asked "do you understand English", stated "yes" but 
                 later it was became clear the patient did not adequately understand and required language assistance 
                 to fully communicate.
           Note:Consider your answers to the above questions and reflect on how an increased awareness of the
                issues related to language barriers for the hospitalized patient on the part of the nurse can 
                lead to a decision to first assess patient and then provide language assistance and advocate 
                for more language assistance resources when the current resources are not adequate.
           VII. Patient Language Assessment Resources:
               + Assessment Tool
               + References re:Assessment Tools
               + General Statement