Proposal for PCF5 Conference July 2008

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Vocational Training in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Theme: Livelihoods

In our proposal we will look at the incorporation of open and distance learning in the specific training of people working in the international service area of travel and tourism.(One of the criteria Leigh - you might like to add some jargon to this)

We will endeavour to demonstrate;

  • the successful involvement of employers in training, assessment and setting the curriculum
  • awareness - raising and retraining in all economies to address issues of work-life balance, sustainable futures and environmental impact reduction
  • elevating the status of vocational education in the school curriculum through the education of teachers and managers
  • the contribution of public-private partnerships and non-traditional providers in promoting and providing increased assess to vocational training (have to think about this one Leigh)

in all six aspects of the theme:

  • appropriate technologies
  • innovation in curriculum and assessment
  • networks and resources for learner support
  • research into practice
  • global development
  • organisational development and leadership

as they apply to our training qualification. (150 words - 300 allowed)