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First Year Courses

BPCS 111 Introduction to Peace Studies

In this module, we will go through the following topics:

  • Definition and theories of Peace and Violence
  • History of Peace African and Non African
  • Ethics of war
  • Humanitarian Intervention
  • War Context Punishment
  • Religion and Peace
  • Causes and Sources of Violence
  • Effects of Violence
  • Methods and Process of Peace
  • Different Religious Beliefs and Practices
  • War crimes’ Tribunals
  • Setting up of TRC and Special Courts
  • The UN and Security Council

BPCS 121 Basics of International Relations

In this module, the following topics will be covered

  • Definitions of International Relations
  • Understanding Key Theory and Concepts in International Relations
  • Overview of International Relations and Actors
  • Approaches to International Relations
  • Levels of Analysis
  • Rival Perspectives on the International System
  • The International Political and Economic Systems
  • The Transformation of the International System
  • Foreign Policy
  • Diplomacy/International Co-operation
  • International Security
  • Strategic Studies

BPCS131 Introduction to Conflict Resolution

In this module the following topics will be covered:

  • Definition and Scope
  • Types of Conflicts
  • Causes of Conflict
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Conflict Handling Styles
  • Traditional and Modern Methods of Resolving Conflicts

Second Year courses

BPCS 211 The African Approaches to Peace and Conflict Resolution

In this module the following courses will be covered:

  • Definition of Terms of Peace, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
  • Historical Overview of Approaches to Peace Building (Global and African)
  • Case studies from West, East, and Central Africa
  • Principles and Processes of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • African Approaches to Conflict and Peace Building
  • Awareness on Why and How Peace Building is Undertaken in Africa
  • Building Relationships of Peaceful Co-existence
  • Preparation for Peace Building
  • Peace building Institutions in Africa
  • Framework for Peace Building
  • Post conflict Reconciliation and Justice
  • External Intervention in African Conflicts
  • African Approaches to Peace Building
  • Traditional Dispute Resolution
  • Use of Materials in Dispute Resolution
  • Peace Agencies/Institutions
  • TRC and SC
  • The UN Charter
  • African Charter
  • UN Agencies
  • Civil Society Organisations and Non-governmental Organisations
  • Different Religious Beliefs and Practices

Third year courses

Fourth year courses

Annoncements and deadlines for the 2011/12 academic year will be here

All Final year students are requested to submit their dissertations on the 31st July 2011 at 5.00pm prompt.

Please ensure that electronic copies are sent to


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