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18 Curriculum Transaction UNIT 7 USING THE AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS Structure


7.2 ===Objectives=== 7.3 Audio-Visual Aids : Meaning and Types 7.4 Need for Audio-Visual Aids 7.4.1 Audio-Visual Aids as a Means of Communication 7.4.2 Audio-Visual Aids as a Means for Retention 7.4.3 Audio-Visual Aids as a Means to Save Time 7.5 Audio Aids : Importance and Types 7.5.1 Record Player 7.5.2 Radio Programmes 7.6 Visual Aids : Importance and Types 7.6.1 Category 1: Non-electronic Equipment 7.6.2 Category 2 : Other Equipments 7.7 Audio-Visual Aids: Importance and Types 7.8 Let Us Sum Up 7.9 Unit-end Exercises 7.1 INTRODUCTION The basis of all learning is experience. The best way for effective learning is to provide first hand experience like showing real objects, e.g., chair, table, boy, apple, banana, etc. But you cannot being all the real things in to the classroom. You would like to tell the students about distant lands, deserts, wild animals or events which happened in the past. To make these experiences near reality, we need the help of visual aids like flash-cards, charts, diagrams, maps, the globe, pictures, masks and puppets. With the advancement of technology in the field of education, we are now able to get video cassettes which provide great support to classroom teaching. You must remember that a mere collection of audio-visual aids cannot make teaching effective and meaningful. They are only aids and not a substitute for the teacher. We should know what material is available and when and how it is to be used. While using audio-visual aids, we should make the best use of the things available in the classroom or things that are available in the locality. To teach effectively and for effective communication we seek the help of audiovisual aids This unit essentially gives us an idea about the need for audio-visual aids, their types and use. 7.2 OBJECTIVES After reading this unit, you will be able to: 􀁺 explain the meaning of the term “audio-visual aids”; 􀁺 list the various kinds of audio-visual aids; 􀁺 appreciate the usefulness of audio-visual aids in language teaching, language skills; and 􀁺 identify different kinds of audio-visual aids for language teaching.