Positive Aspects of ‘Virtual Volunteering’.

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  • Virtual volunteering helps to eliminate the geographical distance by connecting people/volunteers together from different parts of the world. It allows people of different backgrounds and ethnicity's to connect with each other and use their collective experience to complete the task at hand. This is also a very cost effective method to put many creative minds together, because all that these volunteers usually need is a computer with an internet connection. ...ServiceLeader

  • People that work against the clock, who want to be able to volunteer out of personal interest are able to commit to such an endeavor. The same goes for those that suffer from disabilities and housewives who have to take care of their families. ...ServiceLeader

  • Virtually anyone is able to contribute their time and efforts to various non-profit organizations, schools, government offices, etc. from a computer at home or during their free time at work. There is never a requirement or a social barrier that is stopping people who volunteer virtually because volunteers are not hired on the basis of their looks or their public speaking skills, but rather the skill that they can best put to use. ...ServiceLeader

  • Virtual volunteering gives those that are otherwise not confident enough to help (due to certain disabilities or lack of self esteem) or are just plain shy the opportunity to contribute their talents and resources. It is an obvious fact that everyone has their strengths and some people are just not comfortable being the social "people person." Even if they are not social enough by society's standards they still have a skill or resource that they may wish to contribute. Virtual volunteering becomes a logically viable option for these people to put their skill and/or resources to the best use. ...Idealist

  • The advantages to volunteering online includes, but is not limited to, the simple things in life such as no application or screening processes that are the usual protocol. People do not have to commit a certain time block from their week, they are free to help when and how they please. ...ServiceLeader

  • Physical presence of volunteers on site is also not a requirement and is similar to the concept of having no set time commitment. In the busy and fast paced society that we live in, people value this advantage very much because it allows them to be there for the things that are important to them. ...Techsoup

  • There is an evident increase in an organizations resources since people save time and money on traveling to a volunteer site or to meet the rest of the group. Simply put, this is one of the most cost effective means to get anything done. ...Techsoup

  • Similar to the scenario of in-person volunteering, the opportunity to meet people with similar interests will present itself. When many people are brought together to collaborate on projects or tasks, like-minded people usually tend to want to work together and maybe even outside of the online forum. In that case, virtual volunteering becomes a medium through which these like-minded individuals can meet and pursue common interests or fulfill common goals. ...CPRS Magazine

  • President of Energize Inc. Susan J. Ellis said, "Experience is the best teacher and volunteering is a way to learn a great deal without paying tuition." As mentioned earlier, since it is relatively easier to work as a virtual volunteer due to the absence of screening processes and convenience, experience is just a few clicks away! ...CPRS Magazine

  • Some people prefer to do certain things from home or at work and not anywhere else. These people help to reduce the amount of space required to run volunteer programs. They also help the environment by not having to drive their cars more than necessary. ...ServiceLeader

  • Virtual Volunteers may have access to better technological tools/resources than the volunteer program itself is able to provide. Such volunteers are able to contribute more than the program expects or requires. The Internet is also a vast resource and getting answers to questions, or finding solutions to problems is possible in a very short period of time. ...ServiceLeader

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