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Free Online Stuff (FOS) is the name for the series. It is appropriate for any staff member, regardless of your role. The facilitators will assist you to use resources which are appropriate for your work. You will learn to use a number of free and open tools which are available on the Internet. The tools are generic to a range of different work situations. For example, you may wish to use images in a presentation, pretty up a flyer, or to add some pizazz to a Moodle course. The facilitators will show you how to find and use freely available and jazzy material. The first part of the session will be a 5-10 minute show and tell; the rest of the time you will be able to try out the tools. There is a description further on about what each session involves.

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Venue: H208A
Time: 12:15 to 12:45

Schedule for the Digital Skills workshops

FOS Series One - Tuesdays

The first session is Postponed due to illness. The schedule will start a week later on 3 August.--Bronwynh 21:14, 26 July 2010 (UTC) The new schedule is:

Week 31 - 3 August - FOS: How to find it.
Week 32 - 10 August - FOS: How to organise it.
Week 33 – 17 August - FOS: How to use it.
Week 34 – 24 August - FOS: How to create it.

FOS Series Two - Thursdays

Week 35 – 26 August - FOS: How to find it.
Week 36 – 2 September - FOS: How to organise it.
Week 37 – 9 September - FOS: How to use it.
Week 38 – 16 September - FOS: How to create it.

Description of FOS sessions

FOS: How to find it

The big fish hooks we will look at here are knowing what is free to use online, and where to find good quality material. There are some tricks to circumventing copyright barriers and finding open material. Creative Commons will be our starting point to explore open material such as images and music.
Youtube and Blip tv are great for video, and there are other sites where you can find presentation on a multitude of topics. For example, Bronwyn has material on Blip tv and Myplick. Sarah has material on Slideshare. We will show you how to subscribe to these sites and set up playlists and favorites.

FOS: How to organise it

When you find heaps of interesting material, knowing what to do with it and how to find it again can be a mission. We will investigate the use of a social bookmarking site called Delicious: Delicious to help you organise all the free online stuff you find. When you use this site you can also share the resources with others, as Bronwyn has done with her materials. You can also use this site as a starting point when searching for materials on a particular topic.

FOS: How to use it

Image courtesy of SarahMStewart

In this session we are going to talk about how to use the free stuff you have found on the Internet. We will be focusing on a photo-sharing website called Flickr which you can use for finding images and sharing your own photos.

  • Did you know you can find and use old photos from many of the world's national museums and galleries in Flickr?

FOS: How to create it

It's really cool to be able to publish your own free stuff for other educators to use, and for more personal uses. In this session we'll learn how to use a brilliant free tool for making videos called Animoto - here are a couple of examples: