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What can educators legally copy in an online world?

Learning pathway: Copyright: Your educational right to copy

During Session 3 we explore the fundamentals of copyright including: the history, what copyright protects, who owns your copyright and how copyright works in an international context. This is pre-requisite knowledge to understanding your rights and how open content licensing works. There are a few taster quizes embedded in the course materials and we invite you to share your thoughts on WEnotes, twitter or Google+ using the #OCL4Ed tag as you work through and reflect on the materials. We conclude with a case study (with feedback to the core questions) and a reflective discussion activity.

Resources to work through

No. Resource link
1 Getting started and definitions
2 A brief history of copyright
3 How does copyright work in an international setting?
4 What works qualify for copyright protection?
5 Who owns the copyright of your work?
6 What does copyright protect and how long does it last?
7 What are the exceptions to copyright protection?
8 How do you transfer rights?

Learning activities

Activity type Description Time Link
Quiz Getting started: Copyright taster quiz 3 mins Introduction
Quiz Orientation questions 2 mins History of copyright
Microblog Reflect on how "copy" right has changed through history 3 min History of copyright
Quiz Copyright teaser quiz 2 mins Scope of copyright
Reading Consult relevant documentation to determine who owns the copyright of your creative works 15 mins Ownership of copyright
Microblog Share what you have found out and feel about the ownership of your creative works 3 mins Ownership of copyright
Microblog Share something new you learned about rights and protections 3 mins Rights and protections
Web resources Visiting institutions who have adopted open licensing policies 8 mins Transfer of rights
Case study Reviewing copyright implications for developing an online course on Shakespeare's Hamlet 20 mins Case study
Discussion Reflection and sharing of ideas on the Case study. 5 mins Forum reflection
E-Activity Develop a multiple choice question on copyright 1 - 2 hours Copyright MCQ