OERu 13.10 Curriculum proposal for action

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Name of proposal

Curriculum working group

Aims of the activity (longer term)

  • Clear degree structure with streams and exit points whilst still providing for student flexibility and choice
  • Clear pointers to universities that can grant the whole BGS degree
  • Clear marketing about cost of assessment and degree (and support)

Objectives of the activity (short term)

  • Understand what partners are thinking of putting forward
  • Foster collaborations between partners in curriculum development
  • Foster reuse of courses and micro-courses in partner universities
  • Map a Bachelor of General Studies with clear streams
  • Consider certificates, diplomas and other exit points in the degree

What inputs are required?

  • Concerns about articulation
  • E-portfolio pilot
  • Working group of student support eg elders in the cloud, peers in the cloud

Group decisions for this activity including who and when

  • Tapas Bar activity tonight to capture what courses are being thought of even if they are preliminary and no sign off in the institution yet so as to shape thinking of other partners
  • Working group of institutions that offer Bachelor of General Studies
  • Working groups for each draft stream decided at this meeting

Outputs from "twinkles in the eye" course nomination activity

Activity where partners nominated tentative courses which were combined with existing nominations to identify tentative streams. (Institution names removed as these suggestions have not yet been approved at the host institution.)

STREAM A – Business & Computing

  1. Resourcing a Small Enterprise
  2. Developing a Business Plan
  3. Regional Economics in Asia and the Pacific (USQ) – micro*
  4. Introduction to Management
  5. Industrial Relations 408
  6. Human Resource Management 300: Human Resource Planning
  7. Management 300: Human Resource Planning & Workplace Injury
  8. Green Computing 201

STREAM B – Professions, Vocations

  1. Journalism - Video Journalism micro possible collaboration with micro from Journalism at another partner
  2. Policing
  3. Social work/community services
  4. International Social Development
  5. Understanding Dementia
  6. Introduction to Psychology
  7. General & Applied Psychology
  8. Elite Sports Performance: Psychological Perspectives
  9. Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  10. Physics 302: Vibrations and Waves for Scientists and Engineers
  11. International Perspectives in Science – (electrical engineering/mechatronics foundations) - micros (Possible collaboration with multiple partners) – could be a collaborative learning capstone course

STREAM C – Education (or is this a sub-set of professions?)

  1. Adult Education and Self-directed Learning – PG
  2. Grad Dip Tertiary Education (vocational education) – UG 3rd year (Otago Poly) – micros
  3. Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development (Otago)- micro *
  4. Change with Digital Technologies in Education
  5. Dimensions of Openness in Education (Otago) – micro*
  6. Open Curriculum Design – micro (Tasmania)
  7. Open Content Licensing for Educators (Otago) – micro*
  8. eLearning Maturity Model (Otago) – micro*
  9. Scenario Planning for Educators (Otago) – micro*
  10. Technology Diffusion and Models for Change in Education (Otago) – micro*
  11. OER Development Project (Otago) – micro*
  12. Education but not sure yet what topic – PG
  13. Open Education
  14. Open Educational Resources and Practices

STREAM D – Foundation skills

  1. A Mathematical Journey (Empire)*
  2. Mathematics 265: Introduction to Calculus
  3. The Reluctant Mathematician - parts 1 and 2 (skills refresher)
  4. Critical Reasoning
  5. College Composition
  6. Foundation learning online/digital literacies training subjects including module in Learning in English

STREAM E – Multicultural Awareness/International Studies

  1. Regional Relations in Asia Pacific (Southern Queensland)
  2. Global Indigenous Knowledges – micros from Charles Sturt? Kwantlen? Tasmania? Empire? Wollongong?
  3. United Nations
  4. Tourism in Asia and the Pacific (Southern Queensland) – micro*
  5. Introduction to Asia and the Pacific (Southern Queensland) – micro*
  6. Understanding Culture in Asia and the Pacific (Southern Queensland) – micro*

STREAM x – ungrouped so far

  1. Art Appreciation & Techniques (Thompson Rivers) – micro*
  2. Art & Our World (Thompson Rivers) – micro*
  3. Artistic Media (Thompson Rivers) – micro*
  4. English 401: the Faust Theme
  5. Global Challenges - improving lives and regions
  6. Sustainable Practice (Otago)
  7. Credit by Examination (Excelsior)