Group 2: Issues and OERu meeting priorities

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Identify the top 3 priorities this meeting should address

  • Commitment of partner institutions to be back in a year with concrete advancements
  • Purpose driven teams taking leadership of specific aspects of OERu
    • Assessment and accreditation
    • Student recruitment, communication, marketing
    • Program design and development
    • Technical infrastructure
    • etc.
  • Tapestry of opportunities for students, pathways, means, etc.

Bullet list of issues and questions

  • Need the courses and assessments out there
  • Leadership from each institution needed to make OERu successful
  • Marketing, communications, student recruitment
  • Need to assign members of OERu as teams of leaders who take responsibility for aspects of OERu
  • Leadership issues: - or strategyNeed to explain in no institutions
  • Need things that are tangible – simple understanding needed for students
  • What do courses look like, how do they fit together, tangibility – beyond the concept – needs weave
  • Needs a picture that weaves the pieces together
  • Doing without strategic planning mandate
  • Difficult for change management processes
  • How to undertake as leadership challenge
  • Simple reality is it’s beyond prototype
  • No commitments at prototype stage
  • Not good enough to come back in year without use of micro courses
  • Need to get uptake
  • BUT each institution will handle in its own way
  • Leadership required – but some partners in other settings don’t follow through
  • Leadership in each institution needs to be identified and they need to follow through
  • Tough job to get discussions going in institutions and with faculty
  • Top priority: get handle on assessment and accreditation
  • Commitment strategy
  • Need targets
  • Need new models for assessments and standard testing
  • Alternative models of PLAR - not the most convenient model than building test banks
  • PLAR e.g. competency based
  • Need specialized teams
  • Institutions to participate in parallel course offerings

Strategic leadership issues to be tabled at the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers

  • Add bullet points here