Core principles of engagement

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Working together we achieve more than working alone
Anchor partners of the OERu are serious about getting OER right and crossing the chasm from early adopters of open content to mainstream organisational implementation in the formal education sector. All institutions are free to join us in moving from the notion of sharing to learn to learning to share and by joining this project agree to the following rules of the game:
  • Learning materials for all courses contributing to the qualification credentials will be based entirely on OERs which, to the extent possible, meet the requirements of the Free Cultural Works definition.
  • All new resource developed under the OERu will be licensed under Free Cultural Works approved licenses.
  • Participating organisations subscribe to the values and practices of open philanthropy with reference to all activities of the OERu.
  • Participating teaching institutions will provide assessment services at reduced fees when compared to full course enrolment fees.
  • Participating teaching institutions will offer credentials for OER learning which are aligned with approved programmes and/or national qualification frameworks.