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One week on, one week off. Ten Weeks.




Application & practice


Playing with your online learning environment and the web.


0. Onramp

Getting Online

Introductions Socialising of goals, expectations and timeline
1. Learning Theory
  1. Learning Stories: Conversations and Reflection.
  2. Learning Styles: do they exist?
  3. 2. Learning theory" the absolute minimum you need. Scaffolding. Advance organising. Metacommunication.
  4. Community: what is it?
Learning style inventory

Find and post a quote

POSSIBLY: Who’s connected?

Choose a caption

Just three words View a YouTube or TeacherTube video

2. Community or not?

Facilitator roles

  1. Learning communities: What makes one?

Case Study?

  1. Facilitator Roles.
  2. Tools for Online: affordances. (Twitter)
  3. Conversations as vehicles of learning.

Interaction patterns.

Read a blog. Public/private reflection

Visit a wikispaces wiki

Add a link

Add an image

3. Community design.

The darkside of Community

  1. Elements in a successful community: engagement and identity.
  2. Community design: ecological models.
  3. Web 2.0 Tools: Blogs
Visit a community?

Blog vs discussion

POSSIBLY: Find a blog and write a comment

Embed a YouTube video

Join skype Try out skype

4. From course outline to implementation.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Educational Design. Getting it all together: Community needs a place.
  2. OnRamp: Gilly Salmon
  3. Web 2.0 Tools: wikis FAB/PMI
Design an activity: wikis, blogs, YouTube. Change a page in a wikispaces wiki
Analysis and Evaluation of experience.


  1. Reflections and Wrapup.
  2. Forums vs Blogs
  3. Teaching/learning statement of practice
Course Design:

Features. Advantages and Benefits

Offramp Party.