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Revenue Assurance


Revenue Assurance Analytics is the solution.Revenue leakage continues to grow, cutting into your profits. Fair Isaac’s Revenue Assurance Analytics can reduce your losses and increase your operational efficiencies, putting additional savings back into your bottom line. Our proven technology can protect you from revenue leakage losses.

The Fair Isaac Revenue Assurance Analytics software combines patented profiling, neural network modeling, rules management, and case management software to predict and detect revenue leakage and manage the revenue stream end-to-end from the switch to bill phase.

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With the expansion of advanced new data services and the launching of a wide array of content based services, business models are becoming increasingly more complex.

Revenue assurance in this environment is facing issues such as:

  1. How to assure precision billing verification for multiple revenue streams?
  2. How to assure margin reasonableness reconciliation?
  3. How to minimize exposure due to over and under charging?
  4. How to optimise and prioritise operational costs associated with corrective actions?


This is my conclusion.

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