Create a King's High School lesson plan

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Create a King's High School lesson plan
  1. Think of a descriptive, unique and catchy title for your lesson. For example: "Run for your Health" rather than "Health lesson" or "How to prevent eggcidents" rather than "Lesson on seatbelts". Avoid non-descriptive titles like "Lesson 1"
  2. Type the title of your lesson in the text box below. Please note the proposed style convention for capital and lower case letters. First letter Uppercase and the rest lower case. For example, "How to prevent eggcidents" not How to Prevent Eggcidents". Keep capitals where required, for example place names.
  3. Remember to write down the name of your lesson (case sensitive) so you can find your lesson page in the wiki.
  4. Click on the "Create a King's High School lesson plan", a new window will open. Follow the instructions on screen. Remember to click on the Save button before you finish.



Provide a brief summary of the lesson

Key terms

The key terms and concepts covered in this lesson are:

  • List key concept here
  • Add additional concepts as required

Unit title

Type your unit title here

Lesson title


Curriculum strand, objectives and level

  • Type the curriculum strand here
  • State the level here

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  • List the objectives of this lesson here
  • Next objective ...

Learning context

Describe the learning context here

Learning intentions

Describe the learning intentions here

Key Competencies

The key competencies for this lesson are:

  • List competency here
  • List competency here
  • Add additional competencies as required


The educational values covered in this lesson include:

  • List value here
  • List value here
  • Add additional values as required

Success criteria

The lesson is successful when:

  • List success criterion
  • List success criterion
  • Add additional success criteria as required

Lesson sequence


Describe the starter activities planned for the lesson here'


Describe the lesson sequence and activities planned for the body of the lesson


Describe the activities for the class designed to practice new knowledge and conclude the lesson


The following resources support this lesson:

  • List resources here
  • List resources here
  • Add additional resources as required

Assessment and/or homework

List, describe and link assessment activities and homework planned for the lesson