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Events Notification:

Albany Senior High School are holding a wikieducator Seminar on Wednesday (14th April) at 10am.

The seminar is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about wikieducator and how to use it. Please feel free to attend and to forward this email to anyone else you believe might be interested.

Parking is available on Level 1 for visitors. On arrival please take the lift from the car park up to level 3 and sign in at reception.


Jessica Shackleton Albany Senior High School

Inserting a PDF: Copy and paste the following text into the edit page box:

[media:name_of_file.pdf|Piped link text goes here]

NOTE: you need to put this all in a set of square brackets (so there would be two on each end, not one as above)

'Piped link text' is just where you type the name you want to show for the document on the page.

Once you have filled in the text press 'SHOW PREVIEW' at the bottom of the page. This will show what the page looks like with the link to your document. Click on the link and it will bring you to the facility you upload the document from your computer. NOTE: at the moment you can only upload some file types, PDF, open office documents, jpeg and some others. The easiest thing to do its scan your documents into PDF and upload that.

NSCC Members: I have had an email from Nick Kearns to inform me of a new role he has taken at Unitec.

Nick is now a Lecturer -Enterprise Education in Secondary Schools with a brief to further Business education in schools. A key part of this is supporting the new NCEA Business Studies course, and so any queries coming to Unitec will be promptly handled by Nick and his team. Unitec expect to be offering prof development for teaching Business later in the year.

Contact details below:-

Nick Kearns Lecturer - Enterprise Education Dept. of Management & Marketing Unitec ph: 09 815 4321 ext 7053 mob: 021 030 3320