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This wikieducator workshop (21-22 July, 2008) was the first in a series of seven wiki workshops held for teachers during the July-August vacation period, 2008. It was facilitated by Mrs. Elia Grant-Fraser (Mauritius VUSSC bootcamper, 2006) and Courseware Manager at the Distance Education Unit / NOSTT. It was held at St. Francois Girls' College in Belmont and it followed the WikiEducator Newbie tutorials course outline. Participants came from secondary schools throughout the country and were as follows:

  1. Shreematie Mahabir
  2. Lynda Ramsook
  3. Simone Johnson
  4. Michelle Blackwell
  5. Sucheta Beharry
  6. Melisha Morgan
  7. Asha Watson
  8. Rosanna Poon-Kumar
  9. Nicki-Riis Lezama
  10. Lisa Lezama
  11. Jeneil Jem Lawrence-Tardieu
  12. Gerard Cropper
  13. Carla McKenzie
  14. Tricia Jollie-Celestine
  15. Nicolette Plowden
  16. Lauren Marcano
  17. Yngrid Rivas-Martineaux
  18. Yola Lewis
  19. Cecelia Mass Viur
  20. Michelle Stoute-Lopez
  21. Wendy Wilson
  22. Carol Cook
  23. Shiraz Mohammed
  24. Carl Noel

The workshop, entitled Collaborative Open Content Development introduced teachers to the process of collaborative content development and a collaborative content development tool called WikiEducator. Teachers worked in teams to plan, develop, review and publish open content (lesson plans) in chosen subject areas and grade levels.

Training Objectives

  • to explain the concept of Open Content
  • to explain the purspose and benefits of wikis
  • to engage participants in the process of collaborative courseware development using the Derek Keats model
  • to introduce participants to the key features of WikiEducator
  • to establish learning communities that can work on content development even upon completion of the workshop
  • to enable participants to be certified at the WikiBuddy level
  • to widen the circle of WikiEducator ambassadors

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants were able to:

  • explain the benefits of wikis
  • explain how wikis can be used in the classroom
  • create an account and log in to WikiEducator
  • edit and format text
  • create new pages and links
  • upload images and media
  • use elements of collaborative editing
  • communicate in wikieducator
  • create structured content using pedagogical templates

Areas of Focus

  • Orientation to NOSTT
  • About Web 2.0 technologies
  • The concept of free and open content
  • Open content licenses
  • What is a wiki?
  • Types and examples of wikis
  • Wikis in education
  • Introduction to WikiEducator
  • Creating an account in WikiEducator
  • Editing Basics
  • Basic Text Formatting
  • Creating new Pages and Links
  • Inserting images and other media
  • Collaborative editing
  • Talk pages and other useful features
  • Pedagogical wiki templates
  • Thinking about structure
  • About becoming WikiEducator ambassadors