Massage Therapy at Otago Polytechnic

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Otago Polytechnic is the leading provider of massage therapy education in the Otago region.

Because the Otago region is fairly broad-ranging, massage therapy is taught through a combination of classroom-based practical blocks, and online theoretical learning. Our programme is aligned with open-educational philosophy. We believe that our job is to facilitate learning and to assess competency rather than to provide content. As a result our online classes and materials are openly available.

The massage programmes at Otago Polytechnic are composed of three overlapping programmes. A six month Certificate of Relaxation Massage is embedded within a one year Certificate of Stress Management and Spa therapies which is embedded within a Diploma of Advanced Therapeutic Massage. If our students graduate at the end of year one they receive the two certificates. If they continue on to the end of year two, they receive three qualifications.

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