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How do you run an online massage course?

I don't think that it can be done effectively. You need face-to-face time to teach students the hands-on component of the work, and assess their competence. However in a contemporary massage qualification the hands-on work is only a part of the entire programme. Students need to learn a considerable amount of anatomy, physiology, ethics, law and other theoretical subjects.

Blended delivery where the students do the practical hands-on study in block courses, and are free to study the theoretical elements at their convenience is a very good option for massage training.

  • Facilitates life-long learning - Practicing massage therapists can continue to practice and upskill at the same time
  • Allows distance massage education (to a point)
  • May provide students with digital information literacy which is very useful in the modern world

This resource aims to provide massage educators with practical suggestions for facilitating online.