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These activities must be carried out before the workshop to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly and participants are ready to start on MyPortfolio.

  • Schedule the workshop at the host school once you have the go-ahead from the Ministry in conjunction with the facilitator to arrange a suitable time for the workshop
  • Invite and confirm 10-20 participants (from at least 3 different schools)
  • Create a participant list that includes:
    • name
    • school
    • teaching responsibilities
    • email address
  • Confirm that the computer lab will have Internet connectivity for the facilitator and participants of the session.
  • Please let participants know if they can bring their own laptops to the workshops and access the Internet with them or if they have to use school computers.
  • Confirm that a data projector and screen are available in the room.
  • Arrange for suitable audio for the facilitator's computer which will be used for showing video clips. In a small room, a standard pair of external computer speakers is usually adequate.
  • Ensure that all participants have an account on MyPortfolio before attending the workshop and that teachers have "institution staff" rights in their institution on MyPortfolio.To be on the save side, allow at least 5 days for this task.
    • Schools that are already registered with MyPortfolio: The institution administrator creates the account in bulk for the attendees and gives them "institution staff" rights. If the accounts already exist or teachers register themselves, the institution admin just needs to set the correct permissions.
    • Schools that need to register with MyPortfolio: Please allow 4 working days for your school to be registered to make sure that the registration is done in time for the workshop and that you also have time to create the accounts. Fill in the registration form. You can then create accounts and give your teachers "institution staff" rights.
  • Ask participants to log in with their credentials prior to the workshop so that possible login issues can be sorted out.
  • Remind participants to bring their login details to the workshop.
  • Email the participant list to the facilitator prior to the workshop


Pre-workshop activities

  • Confirm date and time with the host school.
  • Confirm the anticipated number of attendees. Encourage the host school to invite a minimum of 10 participants for a Mahara session, and a maximum of 20.
  • Confirm that the computer lab will have Internet connectivity for you and the participants.
  • Confirm that a digital data projector and screen will be available to you.
  • Confirm any other multimedia equipment that you may need.
  • Request host school to email you the participant list prior to the workshop.
  • Remind the host school to ensure that all attendees have a functioning MyPortfolio before attending the workshop.
  • Post a message to the MLE Group list a few days before your Mahara Taster Session to keep the community informed of activities and scheduled sessions.
  • List / update the information about your workshop on the MyPortfolio Taster Session Marketplace page.
  • Add your session to the Google calendar or let Kristina know.

Post-workshop activity

Send participant list to