Learning Disabilities/Career Mentorship

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Note - make sure you have the right understanding of these phrases

Identify Passions

  • What Colour is Your Parachute
  • Review Quick Job Hunting Map
  • PO Bryson

Skill Fields

A1 - Machine Skills

  • Cooking, Culinary Skills

A2 - Outdoor, Travelling Skills

  • Skiing, Recreation, Hiking, Camping, Cycling
  • Creating, planning, outdoor activities

B1 - Detail / Follow-Through Skills

  • Implementing Decisions
  • Rendering support services
  • Applying what others have developed
  • Directed production of (kind of thing)

  • Consistently tackles tasks ahead of time;
  • Adept at finding ways to speed up a job

  • Resource expert; Resource broker; Making and using contacts effectively

  • Approving - keeping confidences or confidential information

  • Facilitating / Simplifying other people's finding things;
  • Orderly organizing of data or records
  • Organizing written data according to a prescribed plan or criteria

B2 - Numerical, Financial, Accounting, Financial (Money) Management Skills

  • Extremely economical; skilled at allocating scarce financial resources

C1 - Influencing, Persuading Skills

  • Develop rapport / trust in the minds and hearts of others; Encouraging People
  • Helping People identify their own intelligent self-interest
  • Persuading; Good at reasoning persuasively / developing a thought; Influencing the ideas or attitutdes of others
  • Promoting