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Programme Planning and Management

This course will mainly cover the following; "Management for Competitive Advantage" "Types of Managers" "Functions of Management"

Rural and Urban Geography

This course will entail the following: "The Concepts of Rural and Urban" "Factors that influence rural-urban" "Factors that influence urban-rural"

Project Proposal Writing

This course will provide you with the following: "Concept of Project" "Concept of Proposal" "Differences between academic and funded projects"


All assignments will be collected as follows: Meeting Community Elders

  • PPW: 2nd Friday February 2012 through the E-Mail: jacsohbee@yahoo.co.uk
  • PPM: 4th Saturday in March 2012:jacsohbee@yahoo.co.uk

Any deviations will not be tolerated and the work will not be accepted.