Interview with Meena Kushwaha (the polio patient)

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Q. What is your name?

Ans. Meena Kushwaha.

Q. What is your age?

Ans.18 Years.

Q. How many members are there in your family?

Ans. Eight. Father, mother, four sisters & two brothers.

Q. What is your parent’s name?

Ans. Kanhaiya Lal &Heera Bai.

Q. And your brother-sister’s name?

Ans. My elder sisters are Rajni & Chanda, who have been married. My younger sister is Sonam. I am at third position. My brothers- Ravindra & Mahendra- are younger than me.

Q. In which class do you study?

Ans. I have studied till 10th class. Then I left my studies as failed in 10th• But now I have again filled my 10th class forms.

Q. From which school you have filled forms & what subjects do you have?

Ans. Maharani Lakshmi Bai school in Vidisha & I have Home Science as my subject.

Q. And up to which class your elder sisters have studied?

Ans. My sister Rajni had completed 9th & Chanda had completed 8th after which they were married.

Q. Why so?

Ans. Due to our economic conditions. My father works as laborer we don’t earn much.

Q. Now talking about your problem, from how much time are you suffering from polio?

Ans. When I was 5 years old.

Q. Did you not take polio drops?

Ans. I had taken but they were not regular. But whenever my parents come to know about it, they had always provided it.

Q. How did you come to know about your problem?

Ans. At first I suffered from fever for long time. I was taking medical treatment from Hamidiya hospital for about two months. But the doctors couldn’t understand the real problem. My parents invested a lot of money in my treatment. But my parents continued my treatment & on further treatment, we came to know that I was suffering from polio.

Q. Now do face any problem?

Ans. Not much. But I am not able to walk long distance. I usually remain in my house only?

Q. Any health problem?

Ans. Sometimes, I feel pain in my legs. Besides this there is no problem.

Q. O.K. tell me about your hobbies?

Ans. I like stitching very much. I am very fond of stitching. I am also fond of cooking.

Q. Now what is your ambition in your life?

Ans. I want to serve my parents whole heartedly. I want to perform all my responsibilities with sincerity.

Q. Don’t you think of your marriage?

Ans. No, I just want to serve my parents.

It is a good thing. We wish that you fulfill all your dreams. Always maintain your courage & desire because it is your courage & desire that will lead you to your destination.

To know more about Meena’s medical treatment we talked to her mother & we came to know that when she was under medical treatment for two months she had become almost lifeless. Doctors were unable to detect her disease. Later on, she was given injections for 8 months on doctor’s advice. Then she was admitted in the hospital for around two weeks & her problem was detected. Her legs were then plastered. For her treatment a doctor from VISHAKAPATTNAM had come but MEENA refused for the treatment as she got scared.