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The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) of New Zealand)

The funds for these awards are provided by the Todd Foundation (see The foundation wishes to support projects that promote excellence, have a wide franchise and encourage the development of new concepts, technologies or research.

Objective The objective of the Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence is to encourage research and achievement which will benefit New Zealand.

Purpose The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (ITPs) are granted to support students in undertaking projects carried out in an Institute of Technology or Polytechnic in New Zealand, in a field of study which is likely to be of direct benefit to New Zealand and its people. The emphasis is on projects which have a practical application.

The Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (ITPs) are available in four categories: • Science and Technology (includes Agriculture and Conservation) • Engineering and Manufacturing (includes Architecture and Design) • Business and Commerce • Health and Social Sciences

There is no limit on the number of applications considered for any of the categories above, and if the Awards Selection Committee deems that no suitable candidate has been identified for a particular category then the number of awards made in other categories can be increased.

The award can be used in a variety of ways to support the achievement of the desired project outcomes. For example, the award may be used to finance attendance at a relevant conference, to provide for travel to interview experts in the field, to purchase equipment or to fund living expenses for a research spell at a different location.

Eligibility Conditions An applicant for the award must be: • A New Zealand citizen, or hold New Zealand Permanent Residency, and • Studying at a New Zealand Institute of Technology or Polytechnic Award holders may hold other awards, scholarships or prizes.

Criteria The project: • May contribute to a degree or other qualification, but this is not a pre-requisite for an award. • Must have a plan for the publication/dissemination of the project findings/outcomes. • Be at level 7 or above. • Be a minimum of 45 credits study.

Number The number of awards to be allocated in any year shall be determined by the Awards Selection Committee having regard to the income available for the purpose. The usual amount granted is between $2,000 and $8,000.

No award shall be made if the Awards Selection Committee is of the opinion that there are no applications of sufficient merit.

Selection Process • Initial short listing will be made by the ITP Assessment Panel. • The Awards Selection Committee will invite short-listed candidates for an interview in Wellington in May or June of each year (*please note that in 2015, interviews will be held at the later time of July or August). All reasonable travel expenses within New Zealand will be met by the Todd Foundation. • In granting the awards, the Awards Selection Committee shall have regard not only to the professional and academic ability of the candidates, but also to their character and qualities of leadership, and shall look for evidence of their capability for innovation and ability to strive for excellence. • The value of each award shall be decided by the Awards Selection Committee according to the budget proposed by the applicant and the nature of the research project.

Awards Selection Committee Every award shall be made by an Awards Selection Committee constituted as follows: • At least two Todd Foundation Trustees. • At least one ITP Assessment Panel member.

Application Every student who wishes to be considered for an award shall complete the prescribed application form which may be obtained by emailing The completed form and supporting documentation must be received by the Unitec Research and Enterprise Office by the prescribed deadline (noon on Tuesday, 30 June 2015).

Each application shall be accompanied by:

• Proof of New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency, i.e. a certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport. • A certified copy of the candidate’s academic record. • A statement of the candidate's proposed project indicating the Institute of Technology/ Polytechnic and workplace in which the project or programme is to be undertaken. • A fully itemised budget for the proposed research project. • Two confidential references (one from the applicant’s supervisor) supplied directly to the Unitec Research and Enterprise Office by the prescribed deadline (noon on Tuesday, 30 June 2015). • A signed ITP Assessment Panel Privacy Form.

Term The term of an award shall be at the discretion of the Awards Selection Committee but shall normally be for one year. The awards are usually awarded in July with payments expected in August but applicants may apply for costs incurred throughout the year including the five months prior to the dispersal date.

Reports The award holder's supervisor must submit a detailed final report by 30 April 2016. The report must outline the outcomes of the project and the student’s contribution to it. Reports from the students outlining their own achievements after receiving the award are also invited.

Suspension or Termination The Awards Selection Committee may at any time suspend or terminate any award, or require the forfeiture of such proportion of the award as the committee may determine, if it is satisfied that the award holder is not diligently pursuing the research project, or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the award was granted.

The award shall be terminated and no further payments shall be made if an award holder ceases to pursue the aforesaid research project.

Intellectual Property Proposals that may lead to the development of information or discoveries that may be patented or copyrighted should identify the potential beneficiaries at the commencement of the award. It would be normal for the ownership of intellectual property to be determined in accordance with the IP Policy of the applicant’s host institution. For applicants not enrolled or supervised by a New Zealand institution the award holder will negotiate a suitable arrangement over the ownership of intellectual property with The Todd Foundation through the Convenor of the Awards Selection Committee. The Todd Foundation wishes the benefits of all intellectual property to be retained in New Zealand.