How to fulfill Liberty Reserve conversion quick and safely

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As the Liberty Reserve payment method is turning out to be much more and much more well-liked, customers wonder how the e-currency is bought and sold. In this post, we will attempt to clarify this so that the procedures of the Liberty Reserve exchange be as simple as feasible.

To begin with, let's briefly describe the payment method. Liberty Reserve is a payment method, or processor, founded in 2003 and is below the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. The primary currencies of the payment method are U.S. dollar, euro and gold. What tends to make Liberty Reserve various from other payment processors is 100% payments irreversibility. That indicates, as soon as you have sent the cash to anybody even by mistake, there will be no way to get it back.

Particularly for this cause, 1 ought to be extremely cautious about selecting an exchange office for the LR-involving transactions. Alongside with the overpowering recognition, Liberty Reserve had to face the growing quantity of fraud attempts.

To steer clear of unpleasant encounter whilst dealing with LR, please read some suggestions we prepared for you. Adhere to them, and your cash will stay secured.

1. Prior to you send Liberty Reserve to 1 or an additional exchange office, please make certain it is listed on the payment system's web site as an official Liberty Reserve dealer (proceed to

2. Spare a minute to read some critiques on the Internet about the exchange office you are about to use. If you discover either no critiques or a lot of unfavorable ones, refrain from dealing with the exchanger.

3. If a dealer provides unbelievably favorable exchange rates, it may be a poor sign as nicely. It is apparent that exchange offices and trade platforms are produced not to act as a charity but to create earnings. So, to be on the secure side, steer clear of dealing with these who provides you the e-currency for half the cost. You may not be in a position to get the cash back.

4. Make certain the exchange office offers dependable actual-time assistance so that you can get in touch with them anytime you require assist. Really feel totally free to inquire them a question prior to sending them cash. If you are not happy with the communication, do not initiate any transactions. Poor consumer service will price you a lot time and cash.

5. When sending cash, spend focus to the note, or comment, you are asked to attach. If the dealer demands that you specify "charity purposes" or something comparable, do not transfer any cash! They are certain to have fraudulent intentions!

6. When having to pay, please spend focus to the kind of the recipient's account. If it begins with U, not X, conscious that the account owner has not been verified by the Liberty Reserve administration.

If you adhere to these easy rules, you will usually be protected against fraud. Nevertheless, if you want to be completely guaranteed from risks and losses, use >Magnetic Exchange for your Liberty Reserve transactions. It provides moderate, business-typical charges and is as dependable as a bank simply because it is created by a team of higher-rated, extensively acknowledged experts who have been specializing in e-currency exchange for much more than 3 years.

To initiate an exchange transaction, select the conversion kind on the front page (e.g. LR EUR to Perfect Money ). Then type a request by specifying the particulars of the sender and the recipient. Subsequent, confirm the request and spend. As soon as the funds are transferred to the account of the exchange office, the service will, in a manual or an automatic mode, replenish the recipient's account. Just like that!

We wish you great encounter in dealing with Liberty Reserve !