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Welcome to RuneScape the MMORPG that everyone craves about. To start please click “Create A Free Account (New User)”. Create your runescape accounts go to the next page and create your password. Now click “Play” and pick a runescape world. Worlds are different places in which you may go to do anything. Many have made “Home” worlds. “Home” worlds are the worlds they favor most. Well pick a world, let it load and log in!

Welcome to the RuneScape World! Start out by making your character appearance. After that talk to the guy with the red beret. Go out and talk to the lady. Get the axe and click on the tree. After that talk to her again and get a tinderbox. Right click the tinderbox and press use on the log you just cut. After that talk to the lady and she will give you a net. Catch some shrimp and cook them. Now move on to the next person.

Go through the gate and talk to the cook that is in the house at the bottom of the hill. Talk to him and he will teach you how to cook. Now exit and click “run”.

Go to the house and talk to the Quest Master. He will tell you about quests and now go down the ladder. Talk to the miner he will tell you how to mine. First prospect the ores then talk to the miner. He will give you a pick and you will mine them. Go the the big black smelter and put the ores together to make a bronze bar. Talk to the miner again and he will give you a hammer. Use the bar on the anvil and runescape powerlvling and make it. Now move on to the fighting tutorial.

The fighter will tell you to get in the ring with the rats but first you’ll need and sword and a shield so he gives you one. Now go fight one rat and exit it. Now talk to the fighter again and he will give you a bow and some arrows. Shoot a rat and kill it then exit up the ladder.

Next you will meet a bank he will tell you about financial advises and such things. Move on to the next place which is a church.

The brother will teach you about friends, ignores, and rules.Now the last one. Talk to the wizard and you will get some runescape gold. Go to your magic place and click on “Wind Blast” and kill a chicken. Next talk to the wizard and you will be teled to Lumbridge and be sent with items to guide you along the way.

Now welcome to the Real World of RuneScape. Have fun make friends listen to the rules and always be number one.