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Developing effective learning programmes on HIV/AIDS, especially treatment literacy, for community radio


Long-term More and better learning programmes concerning HIV/AIDS on community media

Immediate - Consultative online discussions among community media and HIV/AIDS groups to assess needs and capacities - A regional, intersectoral strategy meeting (see need, below) on Developing effective learning programmes on HIV/AIDS as part of the 2009 Pan African Conference: Increasing the Effectiveness of Community Radio - Constructive, action-oriented dialogue between community media and HIV/AIDS groups

NEED: We need to discuss what our aim is and whether we conceive of this as a strategy meeting, a workshop or a seminar; it may well be a mix of all three...

Follow-up: - National- or district-level intersectoral planning workshops - Community-level programme development workshops

Key elements: - Advocacy on AIDS treatment literacy: understanding treatment literacy as a strategy to fight AIDS - Advocacy on community media for learning: promoting new approaches to community radio content: rights-based, learner-centred and collective, participatory content creation - Training on programme development approach - Ongoing knowledge process: "training advocates/trainers", systems for information sharing


The meeting is conceived in the context of our work using media as tools for open and distance learning, specifically advocacy concerning community radio and health groups to create effective educational content.


  • Identify up to 20 participants to the process, in particular
    • representatives of associations or NGOs with potential to be champions of follow-up actions in countries where HIV/AIDS is a major issue
    • radio stations with programmes dealing with HIV/AIDS and health, especially those having the possibility to establish new or improve existing programme initiatives with respect to HIV/AIDS and treatment literacy
    • 2+ countries in Southern Africa, 1+ in East Africa and 1+ in West Africa
    • Community-oriented HIV/AIDS groups, especially those working in treatment literacy


  • Run a pre-workshop online discussion and appropriate preparation for the workshop
  • Organise a one-day side event and one special session inside the conference programme