General characteristic of Annelida

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General characters of Annelida

1. Habitat:- mostly aquatic, marine or freshwater, burrowing or free living.

2. Body is elongated and vermiform.

3. Triploblastic,metamerically segmented body.

4. Cuticle (secreted by epidermis)  covers the whole body; outer covering.

4. Appendages ( if present ) are unjointed.

5. Locomotory organ:-setae or chetae, segmentally arranged.

6. Respiration through body surface , in some by gills.

7. Blood vascular system:- close type(blood is red due to presence of haemoglobin.

8. Excretion by nephredia (paired and segmented).

9. nervous system:-  consist of brain and segmental ganglia.

10. Direct development (when sexes are separate), indirect (when sexes are united).