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Outline of section one and contents of the report, marking guide


Explore the key terms and concepts of the Tourism industry and the nature of this industry. 

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Marking guide;

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Q1. What is Tourism New Zealand?

• Who runs it? Who funds it?

• Does it have a vision/mission statement?

Are the four outcomes from the TNZ (Statement of Intent 2011-14) listed and the six strategies that underpin them including active considerers?

What does Tourism New Zealand do and why?

How does it do it?
• Was the branding campaign 100% Pure used to provide evidence?

Q.2 Tourism New Zealand History – Where has TNZ come from? (1845 through 1999)

Q3. Two associate organisations named?



Title page (not part of the word count) Must contain the title of the report, student name/number, the name of the person the report is being submitted to, and the completion date.

Table of contents (not part of the word count)Shows the sections of the report. Gives the headings, subheadings and page numbers.

Introduction. Outlines the context, background and purpose of the report. Defines and sets limits of the investigation. The reader/audience can easily identify what the report is about, how information was gathered, and why the report is needed. Mainly uses past tense and can be written last, but is presented first.

Discussion/Findings;( don't use these headings in the report)
Section One

Section Two

Section Three

Conclusion. Brief statements of the key findings of the report. Arranged so that the major conclusions come first. Follow logically from the facts in the findings and/or discussion.

Recommendations The opinions of the writer of the report about possible changes, or solutions to the problems, including who should take action, what should be done, when and how it should be done.

References ( Not part of the word count) A list of the sources that are used in and referred to in the report. Use APA referencing style.

Appendix( Not part of the word count) Additional relevant information. Definitions and roles and responsibilities. Statistics.


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