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 The Interview


Interviewer: Peeta, how did you feel about Katniss before the Hunger Games?

Peeta: I didn't talk to her much, but like many others, I liked her straight away.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Peeta: She does and will do anything for her family, but she helps others too...especially Gale and his family.

Interviewer: How did this change when you were selected, and she volunteered, in the reaping?

Peeta: I was gutted when her little sister was chosen, everyone was. Prim, she's a very non-violent girl and so young, but it was worse for me when Katniss vonlunteered. When I was chosen I knew I had to help her win, even if it meant dying for her.

Interviewer: How did Katniss take it when you expressed your feelings for her on television to all of Panem?

Peeta: She was angry at me for not telling her privately, but she thought I did it just for an allience, as part of the Games. It was quite difficult to get through to her because of the way she thinks.

Interviewer: And how is that?

Peeta: She's very strong and doesn't trust people easily. She thought that I was trying to trick her so that I could win the Games, so she refused to get close to me.

Interviewer: And what was it like at the end of the Games?

Peeta: She searched for me and looked after me, slowly trusting and caring for me when I was injured, guess she thought I was less likely to kill her if dying. I started to really care for her, instead of just a crush that I had had before. When we were the last ones and she suggested the berries I knew it was a way to be together.

Interviewer: Even dead?

Peeta: Yeah. I could never have killed her and she couldn't kill me. We both didn't want to be killed by the mutts and this it seemed was our only way out.


Interviewer: Katniss, how did you first meet Peeta?

Katniss: We met in his backyard. I was going through his trash cans for food.

Interviewer: Sounds like a memorable first impression.

Katniss: It was. And there was no food anyway.

Interviewer: So what happened?

Katniss: His mother tried to chase me off. Peeta accidently on purpose burnt some bread and when his mother wasn't watching he threw them to me.

Interviewer: How did you feel about him?

Katniss: I didn't like the fact that I owed him mine and my family's lives because of that bread. It didn't sit well that I could never repay him back fully.

Interviewer: How did you feel when his name was drawn at the reaping?

Katniss: I just thought 'not him'. He didn't deserve to die and I didn't want to kill him, even then. But I didn't think it could be anything more than that because only one of us could possibly return to District 12.

Interviewer: Do you think that if you weren't part of the Hunger Games that you would have been compatible?

Katniss: I will never know, will I? We're very different people and personalities. I propably would never have worked and I may have married Gale as expected. But I'm not a fan of marriage or having children and I think that Peeta is. Without the Games we may ever even have spoken because of our lifestyles.

Interviewer: How do you think your personalities affected what happened in the Games?

Katniss: Well, I didn't trust him for so long because he joined with the Careers and was confused because he saved my life. He was a protector of me and I wanted to help save him when he was injured. But I still didn't fully trust him when we were in the Games, I never truly believed that he cared for me. And this came between us after the Games.

Interviewer: How were things after the Games?

Katniss: They were tense because I didn't know whether what was between us was just a part od the Games and then there was Gale back in District 12. I couldn't figure things out and it came between both Peeta and I, and Gale and I.

Interviewer: Well, thank you Peeta and Katniss for sharing with us. We hope that things get better for the both of you now the Hunger Games are over.