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The Interview:

Katiss Everdeen:

Katniss, how did you and Peeta know eachother before the Hunger Games?

Peeta and I went to the same school although didnt see eachother much. We were really only familiar with one another. After my father died, it was a tough time. My family and I struggled to make ends meet. I had nearly given up all hope before Peeta came along. His family owned a bakery. Peeta came out and handed me a loaf of bread. It was overcooked, but it saved my family. It gave me hope and determination to carry on surviving and so I always felt grateful towards Peeta.

When you first found out that Peeta was going to be the other tribute from district twelve at the Hunger Games, what were your first thoughts?

I was upset really and a bit shocked. The boy who saved my life was all of a sudden the boy I had to kill inorder to be saved. This didnt seem fair, but I knew I didnt have much of choice. I had my mother and my sister Prim to look after. They needed me and this made me determined to win. I did however hope that by some chance it wouldnt come down to me having to kill Peeta myself.

During the preparation for the Hunger Games, how did you feel about your relationship with Peeta?

Well we didnt exactly talk much. This was a good thing though as I didnt want to become close with someone who I was potentially going to have to kill later on. Peeta was quite shy but it seemed that he had a quiet determination. During the preparation time, I did however think that he was putting on a bit of an act towards me. I thought he was acting like he cared so much about me so it would make it harder for me to hurt him. This made me more determined to set myself apart from him, although, id be lying if I said that I didnt still have a soft spot for Peeta, since he had helped me.

During the Hunger Games, when you saw Peeta had joined with the Career tributes, what did you first think?

I thought Peeta had betrayed me. They all started talking about killing me and I was upset, I thought it was unfair of him to do such a thing. Although later I learnt that this wasnt true, it hurt so much at the time to think that the one person I thought was on my side wasnt at all, and that maybe I didnt know the true Peeta.

When you found Peeta hurt by the stream, did you think twice about helping him?

Peeta had saved my life. Twice infact, so no as soon as he told me he was hurt, I naturally just helped him. It wasnt ever a matter of do I help him, more how do I help him. He was so badly wounded, I worried about him. During the first looks at the cut on his leg, I admit I wanted to run away but that was only because of my squeamish stomach and the fact that I didn t really know what to do about it.

Did you feel you grew a lot closer towards Peeta during the time you spent with him by the stream?

Yes I thought we did. I liked his company as I hadnt had any since Rue , however I was so scared that he wasnt going to survive. I guess acting like star-crossed lovers also makes you feel closer to someone too. Our relationship kind of changed quickly though, as all of a sudden I went from having a boy that I didnt really know but felt forever indebted to, to obsessing over him and kissing him all the time. The close contact was weird but kind of nice I guess.

Towards the end of the Hunger Games did your feelings change towards Peeta?

I didnt really know what to feel. The impact of the Hunger games puts such a boulder on you shoulders, I didnt know what my true feelings were towards Peeta. We acted so close and I wasnt such how much of me acted and how much really wanted this close contact with Peeta. I knew that I couldnt let my feelings get the better of me as it could affect my survival so I tended to try and push any feelings out of my mind until atleats the end of the Hunger Games, although I admit it wasnt easy by any means.

After the Hunger Games, while you were on the train home, did you finally allow yourself to feel again, and if so what did you feel for Peeta?

I was still mainly in the Hunger Games mode. When Peeta told me all his feelings for me werent just an act to save himself, it definitely got me thinking, yet I was so confused. I hadnt properly considered the idea of Peeta having such strong feelings for me. Although my mind was telling me it was all an act with Peeta, my heart suggested that there was something more than that. I was lost and unsure of how I should handle the situation and what would become of Peeta and I once we stepped out of that train.

Peeta Mellark:
Peeta, how did you know Katniss before the Hunger Games?

Katniss went to my school. I always thought that she was beautiful and had a secret admiration for her. One day I noticed her outside the bakery that my parents owned. She was on the ground. She looked so pale and thin. Inside the bakery I saw some burnt bread there and decided to take it and hopefully without my mother see it and give it to Katniss. I knew I couldnt take any nicer bread although I wouldve liked to be able to give her more, but I ran out and handed it to her. She looked up at me, her eyes widening, and that was when I thought it was all worth it even if my mother caught me. She looked so grateful, like id just saved her life. Later, occasionally id catch her eye at school and she would get a similar look in her eyes. I never forgot that look.

How did you feel about Katniss volunteering for her sister to be the tribute for the Hunger Games?

It doesnt really surprise me that Katniss did something so courageous and generous as I think I always knew she was amazing. However when I saw her go up to the front, an almost protective feeling kind of hit me. I didnt want her to have to face the Hunger Games. After my name was called, I knew I wouldnt ever be able to hurt her even then, but I believed she had a better chance of surviving as me. She had true determination.

Throughout the Hunger Games, how did your feelings develop with Katniss?

I knew that we were meant to be seen as star crossed lovers by everyone else, but something told me that this is exactly what I wanted to do all along. I knew already how strong my feelings for Katniss were. Over training I saw her more frequently and admired her determination and strong will even more. I hated feeling like I'd betrayed her when I joined the career tributes, but I knew I didnt have any choice if I wanted to survive and also look out for Katniss aswell. All the tributes knew how high she had scored during training and wanted her dead more than anyone else and I knew that I would protect her if I could. I thought she would understand that too.
After Cato had cut me and I had been stung by the tracker jackers, I really didnt think that I would survive. When Katniss found me camouflaged, I was surprised at her willingness to help me. She didnt hesitate to clean me and although I knew by the look of her face that she couldnt bear to look at my cuts, she still continued to do all she could. I couldnt be more grateful for her. And although I didnt think i'd survive even then, I knew I had to try just for her. I guess from here once we first started kissing, my feelings developed even more for Katniss. Not that I didnt already, but physical contact with the girl I knew id always cared so much about, brought all those feelings to life and I knew that I had fallen for her.

What did you think Katniss thought of your relationship together?

At first I wasnt so sure but after kissing and hugging her, I felt something real in her kiss that made me think that her feelings were nearly as strong as mine were for her. I didnt believe she could be that good of an actor. I guess I was wrogn though. I knew we had to show the audience our strong feelings, but I wanted to show them anyway so to me it wasnt just an act.

How did you feel at the end when Katniss implied that she didnt have any feelings for you?

I felt heart broken and used. I couldnt believe that I trusted her and all along it was an act. But I think the thing that shocked me most that she thought a lot of what I did was an act too. I wasnt sure what was going to happen next. Katniss seemed confused and I didnt really know what to do, if she would ever know if she really cared about me or not. I guess the Hunger Games has a bigger impact than anyone can ever imagine.