Eastern Civilization

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This is a resource page for a course on Eastern Civilization.

Note: All maps below can be expanded by clicking on them

Geography of Asia

Physical map of Asia
Satellite map

General map of China
Population density of China

map of India


Language families of the world
Languages of China


History before writing existed

Early man

Homo erectus appears in Africa 3 million years before present (YBP)

Homo erectus appears in Asia 1-1.5 million YBP

Homo sapiens appears in Africa 120,000 YBP

Homo sapiens moves out of Africa into Asia 70,000-50,000 YBP


Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age

List of Paleolithic sites in China

Spreading of Homo sapiens over Eastern hemisphere
Indus Valley Civilization

Map of Neolithic China

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley seals. The writing has still not be deciphered

Timeline of Chinese History

Timeline of Chinese history

Ancient China

Shang Dynasty

Oracle bones from Shang Dynasty

Gallery of art works from Shang Dynasty (see also other photos on same page) -- Notice the sophistication of the bronze works.

Zhou Dynasty

Confucian Analects from Project Gutenberg

Qin Dynasty

Terracotta army
Terracotta army detail
Soldier and Horse from Terracotta army

For a very realistic view of the army look at THIS (hint: moving your mouse around changes the viewpoint)

For more pictures see this Gallery

Ancient India


  • Rig Veda (oldest)
  • Yajurveda
  • Sama-Veda
  • Atharva-Veda

for descriptions see here

Long article on Indian caste system

Persia and Alexander the Great

Achaemenid Empire (Persia)
Homeland of Alexander
Alexander's Empire

Early Japan


Period Characteristics Time
Paleolithic 35,000–14,000 BC
Jōmon Neolithic


14,000–300 BC
Yayoi Bronze and Iron Age

no written script

300 BC–250 AD
Kofun Centralized State

First Emperor

250–538 AD

Southeast Asia

State Area Ethnic group Dates Notes
Chinese Empire N. Vietnam Vietnamese 111BC-939AD numerous Vietnamese states until 111BC
Champa Central Vietnam Chams 192-1471AD
Funan Mekong Delta Khmer c.1-540AD
Chenla (Zhenla) Middle Mekong Valley Khmer ?-790AD Defeat Funan in 540AD
Mon States Chaopraya River basin Mon 6th - 13th century number of states

most important - Dvaravati

Pyu Burma Pyu - a Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group 1st - 9th century number of city-states

Central Asia and Mongols

Different definitions of Central Asia
Uyghur Khaganate
Expansion of Mongol Empire