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In a globalised society like that of today, the need for quality based higher education has been on a constant rise. As companies become more competitive in a changing world scenario and new fields emerge, the demand for qualified professionals increase exponentially. This case becomes even more important for a developing country like India where government policies are aimed at attracting more and more corporate firms. However higher education has been able to reach only 19% of our population. Blame it on family obligation or other external factors, the bare minimal figures inflict much pain since more than half of India’s population is based in the age bracket of 18-35 years. In this regard Distance Education has been able to come in and bridge much of the gap in reaching out to the population not touched by regular institutions. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education (SMU-DE) has been one of the leaders in this segment having already touched the lives of more than 3 lakh students, thereby allowing them to further their career prospects. A sizeable number of the students have been able to successfully complete the course while they were working or even sitting at home taking care of their families. Such has been the influence of Distance Education that HRD Ministry of India now accepts that Distance Education will have a major influence to play in increasing India’s population of educated and trained professionals in the years to come. Popularity of Distance Education also depends on its innate advantages especially the fact that it promotes lifelong learning. Distance Education offers one the advantage to study from a place of his choice at his own time unlike regular institutions. Housewives, working people, students or doctors can all avail the courses provided they have the motivation to study further. The added benefit is they can do so without having to change their daily life schedule at all. Since Distance Education mode emphasizes most on self learning, it naturally inculcates learning values for life. Research has shown that most individuals who have done Distance Education have got better as time passes thanks to their already existing habit of self learning. What starts as a necessity in this mode of education changes to a lifelong learning habit ensuring unlimited success in the life ahead. Soon the habit of self learning encompasses all walks of life and results in a holistic development of the individual. For the person then, there is only one way in life and that is the path forward. About Manipal Education Manipal Education is a pioneering and leading academic & education services provider in India. With over 50 years of existence in the field of Education, the group provides education services across all genres. The group’s presence includes 3 universities - Manipal University, Sikkim Manipal University, and American University of Antigua - and over 30 institutions in India, besides colleges & campuses in Antigua, Dubai, Malaysia & Nepal. Sikkim Manipal University is a unique public-private initiative between the Govt. of Sikkim and Manipal Education. SMU, a state University, is recognized by the UGC, Ministry of HRD and is a member of the Associations of Indian Universities. The Distance Education Council has granted recognition to all Distance Education programs offered under the aegis of SMU (Sikkim Manipal University). The SMU Directorate of Distance Education is ISO 9001:2000 certified. SMU-DE programs are recognised by DEC for three academic years 2009-10 to 2011-12. The courses include Master in Business Administration (MBA), PG Diploma in Business Administration, PG Diploma in specialization areas of Management, Bachelor of Computer Applications, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Master of Computer Applications, Master of Science in Computer Science, PG Diploma in Computer Applications, Master of Science in Information Technology, Master in Business Administration in Health Care Services, Master of Science in Clinical Research & Regulatory Authorities, PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Regulatory Authorities and Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. SMU-DE has also launched the pioneering next generation learning system called the EduNxt. Through EduNxt, one can access virtual classrooms, chat with faculty, counselling, placements, peer to peer interaction, personalised guidance from faculty and industry experts, model question papers and log in to over 1 million books and journals. EduNxt has not just made the quality of distance education better but has also led to a higher acceptance amongst employers. Dispatching education round the clock through more than 700 SMU-DE authorised Learning Centres based across 247 districts in 303 towns, learning has never been easier. In addition to formal university programmes delivered through 5 campuses in India & 4 overseas. SMU-DE is recognised & appreciated by students for its efficient processes like – prompt delivery of study materials to students, EduNxt initiative, conduct of scheduled examinations, on-time declaration of results & swift dispatch of certificates & degrees. For further information just visit http://www.smude.edu.in/FAQs/Pages/AboutUniversity.aspx or call 1800 266 7979 toll free. You can log on to the site and find more such articles that explain in easy steps how to get into SMU-DE.