Deforestation/What do we need to know/Teacher Notes

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Given the scenario

The scenario is The local forest is going to have a third cut down to provide jobs and room for new housing to be erected.

The big question is Is deforestation good for our local and global community? What would be information that we need to know to decide whether this is a good or bad idea for our community.

Discuss writing good questions involves using question starters and keywords.

Provide the children with a question matrix to help them form questions. Get the children to either independently or in small groups to write questions to help them answer the big question

Keyword:deforestation Keyword:employment Keyword:housing Keyword: Keyword:

Add the best questions to the KWL chart above in the middle column. Either individuals or groups can take responsibility for each question and look for the answers as the research/reading unfolds. When each question been has answered in later sessions add that information to the right hand column.