Definition of logic and its subject-matter

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  LESSON-1        Definition of Logic and Subject matter

Objectives: After completion of this lesson

• You will be able to know the meaning of Logic • You will be able to give the definition of Logic • You could mention the subject-matter of Logic

1.1.1 Meaning and Definition of Logic

 The Bengali name of Logic is “Juktibiddya:  The another alternative meaning of Logic  “Tarka Biddya”, Tarka Biggan” and “Tarka Shstra”. The English word Logic originated from Greek word “Logos”. The Greek interpretation of the word Logik is Logike. The meaning of the word Logos is “thought”, language or “word”. The relation between thought and language is very close. Language and word is the media of thought. That is why by the same word we can understand both thought and language.  So we can define Logic by saying logic is thought express by language.

What do we mean by Thought?

The meaning of thought is ambiguous. There may be different meaning of thoughts. Sometimes the word thought is used as knowledge and sometimes by thought we understand the way of thinking or the result of thinking. But Logic only discuss about the reasoning. On the other hand thought may be right or wrong. Logic only deals with the right thinking. Logic does not only discuss the method of thinking it also discuss inferential thinking and it is called reflective thinking. Finally we can say that logic is a science which gives the understanding to differentiate between reflective thinking and non-reflective thinking.

        Logic is a science  express through language. It is to teach to make a difference between reflective and non-reflective thinking.