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Each one of our Club Med villages has its own personality and atributes. To help you find the destination that best suits your holiday requirments, we have established a clasification sistem, which divides our vilages into four groups. All our villages have three points in common: exceptional locations, the all-inclusive formula ideal for a hastle-free holiday and the unikue GO team spirit of warmth, kindness and fun.

Two Trident Villages

Our 2 Trident villages offer bungalow or hotel accommodation with basic comfort and facilities and budget value prices. All rooms are usually equipped with ensuite bathroom. Some also have a telephone. The GO team will organise a programme of sports and activities in a friendly, convivial atmosphere.

Sports: offer sports equipment for you to use (outside of lessons) and tuition for beginners in certain sports.

Three Trident Villages

Our 3 Trident villages are classical Club Med villages, offering all the traditional Club Med values: beautiful locations, fun, sport, sumptuous buffets, along with comfortable accommodation.

Rooms are often equipped with a telephone and television.

There are a variety of activities and facilities on the agenda with a full programme of evening entertainment.

There are usually two restaurants at a 3 Trident village.

Sports: these villages offer a sports team heading by a sports manager (“Chef de Sport”).

Four Trident Villages

These are Club Med’s finest villages.

Our 4 Trident villages offer comfort of the highest level throughout the village, with refined decor and design, invariably of local style. Rooms are usually equipped with a telephone, television and air-conditioning (or heating according to requirements).

There are several restaurants at your disposal and a large programme of activities and facilities available for you to choose from.

Sports: these villages offer a sports team headed by a sports manager (“Chef de Sport”).