Ask a Question in a Blog Comment

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One of the most powerful conversation starters is to ask a question. While many of us ask questions in our own blog posts, we may not tend to ask questions when we comment on other blogs. Yet this can be one of the best ways to engage the blogger and other commenters in further discussion.


  1. Ask an open-ended question in a comment.
  2. Aim for something open-ended and thought-provoking.
  3. Think 'How does using such-and-such tool help you engage in conversations online?' rather than 'What tool do you use to track comments?'
  4. What a few days and see what happens. Does the blogger respond? What about other commenters?
  5. Blog about the experience and share your link in discussion page for this activity



This activity was originally designed by Christy Tucker for the 31 Day Comment Challenge.