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After having listened to the presentation on community radio in general, we divide the participants in to groups, and then give them some chart paper and pens. We then ask the group to come up with a definition of their own community radio, in their village, in their context, and their people. We tell them that we don't want a general definition of community radio. However, we also place a caveat here. They can only define their community radio through pictures or illustrations. We have noticed that if we ask them to write in words, they tend to copy the words and phrases which they heard in the presentation previously. So we force them to contextualize that information through illustrations. The results are highly interesting and revealing, and most often gratifying!!!

Then the groups are asked to come and present their illustration and explain what they have sketched and why. After all the groups have presented their work, we then ask the participants to come up with a definition of their radio station (limited to not more than 3 sentences) which accommodates all the groups' illustrations and ideas. This has to be done by the participants collectively.

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